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Food stamp fraud may be costing state $22M a year

It is actually far more likely that the actual number is far less. They are extrapolating the data from the number of dead, out of state licenses, and people in prison, ect... It is just as likely that the paperwork error is the other way and that some of those people are not dead, moved and could not drive for any number of reasons, or have been released from prison and the records not updated properly. Until a real investigation is completed and convictions obtained (probably less than a dozen) we will not know the real extent of the abuse.

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Brownback under fire at rally

Why is he an idiot. BB is a jesus freak who doesn't care about poor people. Like Jesus said "blessed are the rich for they deserve to keep what they take, and screw all you little people."

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Lawrence police chief focused on making homes, businesses safer

UNIKU--we can not all live lives as boring as yours. Besides what is being proposed is an attempt to stop police illegality. The constitution is as important as any petty criminal offense. The fourth, fifth, and sixth amendments are the supreme law of the land.

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Some of the 13 new Lawrence police recruits visit with city and police department officials after th

A lot of people are going to consent to a pat down.

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Police plan DUI check lane Friday evening in Lawrence

Stupid and misdirected would be better descriptors. The grunts at the end of a long line of ignorant government policy brought to you by your neighbors who vote for morons.

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What a DUI stop, arrest looks like

The reporter should do it again with a defense attorney and a prosecutor giving play by play.

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At least one killed in head-on crash on K-10 in Lenexa on Saturday morning

Pitchforks and Torches. Someone made a mistake in a newspaper that has a mistake in it every day. Lets take it out on Shaun personally rather than the paper that devotes insufficient resources to cover stories in a format that is dying.

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Atchison man accused of attacking Lawrence man taking late-night walk

Another time the dude got in a fight with 3 guys and his friends did help out but unfortunately one of his friends suffered a heart attack due to the stress. That is what you get when you mess with nihilists. Say what you will about the tenets of national socialism but at least its an ethos.

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New state law removes cities' ability to set their own fines for seat belt violations

Good jokes everyone. I hope the LJW gestapo doesn't delete yours like they did mine. A world where we can not mock others is a world I do not wish to live in.

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