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Historian to discuss life of Lecompton man killed in Quantrill's raid

Will someone at this newspaper please take an introductory class on writing composition? Was the historian killed? The dump had been in a shed and a pasture? Part of the tombstone was in a shed and part of it in a pasture? The town was killed in Quantrill’s Raid in 1863? The tombstone was born in Ireland? Was the tombstone found 20 years ago in a shed that was in a pasture that was a dump? Was the shed a dump that was in a pasture back 20 years ago? Or back 20 years ago there was this pasture and this pasture had a dump, and in this dump there was a shed where someone found inside the shed a tombstone? Or was there a tombstone in a pasture, and sometime later the pasture had a dump and a shed when the tombstone was found 20 years ago? Dang it!

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