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Honest belief

I think this writer forgot how to make an argument. The quotes should support the point; not be irrelevant to it. Richard doesn't ever support the claim that without God, there is no morality or way to obtain knowledge. It's a ludicrous claim, but one I hear quite frequently from self-righteous theists.

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Where's sanity?

Tom: You're quite right. Brenda was in fact an evangelical Christian growing up and even went on extended missions in her childhood. I dare say she doesn't know the bible extremely well.For someone that claims that Brenda makes sweeping generalizations, Jason sure does a lot of that himself. And what's more, instead of actually addressing the point of Brenda's piece, he picks out a few minor quibbles different sects have and whines about them.

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Nation of faith

If there was any support to the claim that upholding the secular laws of this country were the magical cause of degridation of society, I might buy into this argument, but until then, I find more honesty in blaming the media.

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Atheism defense

~"If atheists have a better plan to keep order then let's hear it."~

No one has ever claimed this. However, what we will readily claim is that when religions presume to force their morals into law, it results in tyranny as history has shown.

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Physicist takes shots at intelligent design

yourworstnightmare: You imply that atheist and anti-theist are synonomous. This is wholly incorrect.

There are a great deal of atheists who believe in the non-existance of gods, but relatively few are actively anti-theistic.

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No new information in reported beating

I'll be sure to apply for tax exemption as well :P

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No new information in reported beating

---"Yet he is an atheist, who professes to believe in nothing."---

The stereotyping of atheists just doesn't quit....

Atheists don't believe in "nothing"; just a lack of dieties. Athesits frequently belie in many other intangible forces such as love or the goodness of humanity in general.

Try getting your info straight before you go make ignorant comments.

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No new information in reported beating

---"referrint [sic] to christian as "fundies""---

Why are Christians so quick to want to feel persecuted? Fundie does not mean ALL christians. It's short for fundamentalists and implies only the extremist branch out to destroy seperation of church and state. Trying to imply that Dr. Mirecki was aiming his comments at is a pathetic attempt to drum up an emotional appeal without using any real logic.

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Court dismisses convert's case

Before everyone gets too self righteous over this, let's remember that the good 'ole US of A also has a dominant religion that denies "universal human rights" to those from other religions. In custody battles, children will ALWAYS go to the parent that is Christian (unless there's some other reason not to such as drug abuse). If a non-Christian parent wants custody of their own children, judges have frequently ordered that the non-Christian parent take the child to Church.

We're not killing people, but we don't really have the moral high ground that many seem to want to pretend we do.

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Creationist plans run for education board

---"Since when do religious beliefs qualify someone for office?"---
It's gotten Bush elected twice.

---"Can this guy say evil-lutionist and ape-iest without taking heat? Hmm, should we question this guys credentials and get offended by his comments about individuals who believe in evolution? Fundies or Evil-lutionists? Isn't that name calling also? I guess that I ask too many questions right?"---
I actually pointed this out in a letter to the editor that I wrote to KU's paper last week and was published on Tuesday. It's wonderful to see that Mirecki gets blasted for comments that are directed towards a very specific group, yet people like this can use terms like "evilutionist", "fag enabler", "heathen", "crypto-nazi", etc... and get away with it just fine. Makes me even more sure that Mirekci's case has just been a witch hunt.

---"The "finding a clock" analogy I have heard over and over from IDers."---
It's one of their favourite arguments. It's called the watchmaker argument and is well over 100 years old. It actually fails because complexity is a poor determination of design. A snowflake is complex, but we know that can form easily through natural processses.

---"Does anyone, creationist or scientist, have any real conception of this length of time?"---
As an astronomer, I'll say that I have a working understanding, but I'm frequently dealing with things that are on the order of billions of years, which is a number that, while I can use easily, it hard to really wrap my head around.

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