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Authorities believe Lana-Leigh Bailey's body was moved to Osage County after killings in Ottawa

Our system...for some stupid reason...rewards failure. ATTEMPTING to commit a crime carries a lesser sentence, when all that really means is that you tried, but failed. Why should being too stupid, incompetent, lazy, etc. to complete the crime you are trying to commit be any less "bad" than getting it done???

All of the legal stuff aside...God bless the families of the victims. I pray that little Lana-Leigh is spending this Mother's Day in the loving and peaceful embrace of her mother. What a tragic way to be together, but at least they ARE together.

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Former state representative Solbach critically injured after ATV and car collide

I certainly won't purport to speak for Him. But my best guess is that He was there, preventing anyone from being killed. No one claims that God prevents all tragedy. But He can keep it from being worse, or help us get through it. To assume that, since tragedy occurs, that God must not exist is naive, and demonstrates a clear lack of understanding of Christian principles. Unfortunately, that's your loss.

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Letter: Offended voter

Well that can't happen! They passed a law preventing most ex-felons from having guns, so that can't be true. Passing new laws makes us safe, right??? That's why so many, now, are demanding new legislation...legislation makes us safe. Try enforcing the ones already on the books and addressing the REAL problems, like mental health. There isn't a single criminal out there who is going to stop what he's doing, for a moment, because a new law was passed to prevent it. But there WILL be fewer and fewer "good guys" there to defend against those criminals.

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Letter: Offended voter

I have (the gun show, not private seller). Three or four times over the past 15 years, actually. EVERY SINGLE TIME, I had to wait, after I filled out my application, for the instant background check to be completed (they took my ID with them to call in my info. I was told, "no ID, no sale. Sorry".) I am happy to show my ID to vote because I don't want someone who is not legally entitled to vote cancelling mine out. If it turns out it never happens, even better. But it's a right that is too important to risk throwing away. I'm guessing the sum total of your experience from gun shows is from what the "mainstream media" reports to the masses. And thousands of people form misguided, judmental opinions about an issue they know NOTHING about, aside from the nightly news.

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A few KU students already feeling effects after military tuition assistance suspended

Just FYI. It is not GCSC...It's CGSC. You got the acronym wrong. It stands for Command and General Staff College.

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Letter: Buckle up

People weren't, necessarily, better drivers decades ago. We just didn't have instant news that was disseminated coast-to-coast describing the horror stories, when they happened. I had a great-great uncle who, in the 1940s, was lucky to escape an accident alive. But the rest of his family died. Out for a "Sunday drive", on a hilly road (much like Hwy 40, West of Lawrence) in North Carolina, one day, he topped a hill and came bumper to bumper with a car load of kids joyriding. They made the decision to pass on a hill and killed four people in my uncle's car. Some teenagers (and some grown-ups, too, I know) have always made dangerous decisions, while driving, because of their inherent sense of immortality. Always happened and, unfortunately, always will.

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Do you think there should be a citywide vote on a new rec center?

True! They irresponsibly voted for the EmptyT and the super-duper-luxury library/parking garage, in the midst of a horrible recession. But, despite their irresponsible choices, we let them have a voice in those decisions. Only okay with that when you anticipate the outcome would be in your favor, I take it.

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Lawrence physician and co-author of Atkins book indicted for tax evasion

Not surprised AT ALL.

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Man arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault with a knife

You, apparently, have WAY too much time on your hands...but that's funny :-)

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US investigates whether diplomat attacks were planned

My sister is a diplomat, currently stationed overseas, who served, recently, with the Ambassador who was killed. He was a good man and good diplomat. She pointed out a very common misconception, however, that the public has. US Marines are NOT stationed to guard people at embassies. Their job is to protect the classified information stored there. While it would be nice if they could also protect the individuals serving there (and while they MAY try), their mission is to protect our information, above all else. The State Department personnel working there understand that. Most Americans don't.

The safety of our personnel is left up to the hosting nation, actually. You can decide for yourself how smart that is. But, since inside the Embassy walls is sovereign United States territory, any attack is considered an act of war against us (or whatever nation is attacked). We have every right to station whatever defenses we want, WITHIN the walls of the Embassy, but, outside of those walls is soil of the host nation and they are responsible for maintaining sercurity outside of the walls. Do you want a bunch of foreign Embassy employees wandering around outside of their buildings in the U.S. with weapons drawn? It doesn't work that way.

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