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Letter: Mental health, jail

Ummm...I think he was referring to the original letter writer...

"Dare we let the seriously mentally ill be integrated into the community with guns to kill children, social workers, friends trying to help them, patrons of theaters, road rage people, and drive-by shootings."

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Commissioners concerned that Wicked Broadband is trying to manipulate process ahead of key vote

It's not the apparent "lobbying" in the email that makes it manipulative. Ignoring the fact that there is a very fine line between lobbying and bribery, the issue is the attempt to force the Commissioners to recuse themselves. Apparently, Joshua sent an email, allegedly "promising" votes, in exchange for their support. I think that's dishonest, because he can't really provide those votes, but that's politics. The issue is that, after sending the emails, himself, Joshua then claimed that the only Commissioners against his loan guarantee suddenly had a conflict of interest, because they didn't appreciate his email. The quote in the article is accurate. This guy thinks he can force any dissenters out of the voting process by sending an email that he then claims creates a conflict of interest. Are you kidding me?? So, any time anyone dislikes any politician, just send them an unsolicited email, and they are now disqualified? What a load of crap! And a juvenile and naive attempt to manipulate the process, and subvert the will of the people. I would be very wary of doing ANY business with this guy...especially assuming the financial liability for his business practices.

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Commissioners concerned that Wicked Broadband is trying to manipulate process ahead of key vote

None, apparently. That was a bad idea, and a tremendous risk to taxpayer money. And so is this. Screwing up once certainly shouldn't be justification for doing it again. Just for the record, though...I think the no-bid process for the rec center was an unconscionable risk to the taxpayers, BUT, at least Fritzel has been around long enough, and run a (at least semi) legitimate business long enough, to know they can survive in a shaky economy, and without a massive bailout. I don't like, or trust him, otherwise. But this Wicked business seems shady, unethical, and like some kind of scam that no one can even understand enough to adequately defend. Throwing tax money at (what appears to be) some seedy boiler-room operation is a HUGE breach of the fiduciary duty of our elected officials to protect their constituents, and our assets. I really can't imagine they would be stupid enough to agree to this, but they've done surprising things in the past. Time will tell.

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Commissioners concerned that Wicked Broadband is trying to manipulate process ahead of key vote

By the way, Richard...Thanks for that link. It really WAS interesting...and enlightening. You don't need to be an expert to understand the precarious financial position this company is in. Fascinating!

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Commissioners concerned that Wicked Broadband is trying to manipulate process ahead of key vote

They have HORRIBLE financials! (No shock, there, though). The positive results of the analysis are ALL based on the company's assumptions, that their income and profits and cash will increase between 650 and 7,000%, over the next few years. Their cash on hand, assets to liabilities, etc, are AWFUL, and well below industry standards. Anyone who approves this is insane, if they have the tiniest sense of finance or economics (I have a master's in accounting, and I'ma CPA, although I don't work as one, anymore). One bad loan could drive the company completely under (I've never even seen a ratio, from a company asking for public money, of less than 0.05). I don't have a lot of faith in the Commissioners, but I can't imagine even they are naive enough to approve this...especially considering the way the company tried to manipulate the process, and force the ONLY voices of reason, out of the discussion, by creating a fake conflict of interest. Unethical, at best. But, really, Just downright SLEEZY.

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Kansas Republican Sen. Pat Roberts is re-elected

don't let the door hit you...

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No students hurt when Lawrence school bus, car collide

You, clearly, didn't read my previous post before replying. I SAID texting while driving is extremely dangerous. But it amazes me how many ignorant people out there assume that, without texting, or cell phones, accidents wouldn't happen. You obviously weren't alive before 1995. Cell phones are a relatively new phenomenon. Crashes are not. And...brace yourself...some people are just bad drivers...period.

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No students hurt when Lawrence school bus, car collide

With all of the stupid knee-jerk comments about cell phones, you'd think there were NO accidents before about 1995. Yes, texting and driving is extremely dangerous, but, believe it or not, there were still THOUSANDS (if not more) of crashes every year, before they existed. Some people are just crappy drivers...period. Blaming idiotic driving, or speeding, or racing through red lights because someone needs to get home "quickly", shifts the blame from the driver toa stupid gadget. Some of you act like you think crashes just wouldn't happen without cell phones. They do...very often.

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Lawrence school board members defend recess

You don't have any kids, do you? You seem very sure of your textbook answers, so it is obvious that you have no idea how to raise a responsible child, in real life. Get back to us, in 10 years. We can re-visit your textbook answers, at that point.

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Lawrence school board members defend recess

Only if the parents have never attempted to teach self-control and discipline.

Why is it that kids, 20 or more years ago, didn't seem to have a problem sitting still and paying attention, but, today, kids "have a hard time staying seated and remaining quiet'? My kid doesn't. But, she learned, from a very young age, how to behave like a responsible young lady. Of course, we expect her to behave, and we don't defend bad parenting as "kids will be kids". That quote really means "Bad parenting results in little brats." People wonder why the obesity rate is up, why crime is rampant, why designer drugs are popular among teens...parents over-protect and coddle their kids until they don't understand that, SOMEDAY, they will face consequences for their actions. But, by then, arguing that little Johnny or Jane has "impulse control issues" (meaning they were never taught how to behave) won't matter, because sentencing guidelines get to determine the punishment.

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