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Kansas Republican Sen. Pat Roberts is re-elected

don't let the door hit you...

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No students hurt when Lawrence school bus, car collide

You, clearly, didn't read my previous post before replying. I SAID texting while driving is extremely dangerous. But it amazes me how many ignorant people out there assume that, without texting, or cell phones, accidents wouldn't happen. You obviously weren't alive before 1995. Cell phones are a relatively new phenomenon. Crashes are not. And...brace yourself...some people are just bad drivers...period.

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No students hurt when Lawrence school bus, car collide

With all of the stupid knee-jerk comments about cell phones, you'd think there were NO accidents before about 1995. Yes, texting and driving is extremely dangerous, but, believe it or not, there were still THOUSANDS (if not more) of crashes every year, before they existed. Some people are just crappy drivers...period. Blaming idiotic driving, or speeding, or racing through red lights because someone needs to get home "quickly", shifts the blame from the driver toa stupid gadget. Some of you act like you think crashes just wouldn't happen without cell phones. They do...very often.

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Lawrence school board members defend recess

You don't have any kids, do you? You seem very sure of your textbook answers, so it is obvious that you have no idea how to raise a responsible child, in real life. Get back to us, in 10 years. We can re-visit your textbook answers, at that point.

August 3, 2014 at 5:55 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Lawrence school board members defend recess

Only if the parents have never attempted to teach self-control and discipline.

Why is it that kids, 20 or more years ago, didn't seem to have a problem sitting still and paying attention, but, today, kids "have a hard time staying seated and remaining quiet'? My kid doesn't. But, she learned, from a very young age, how to behave like a responsible young lady. Of course, we expect her to behave, and we don't defend bad parenting as "kids will be kids". That quote really means "Bad parenting results in little brats." People wonder why the obesity rate is up, why crime is rampant, why designer drugs are popular among teens...parents over-protect and coddle their kids until they don't understand that, SOMEDAY, they will face consequences for their actions. But, by then, arguing that little Johnny or Jane has "impulse control issues" (meaning they were never taught how to behave) won't matter, because sentencing guidelines get to determine the punishment.

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Letter: Universal care

Good for your parent, honey. But I grew up in the military, and the VA situation has been a running joke among veterans for well over 40 years, now. It's easy to try to pin it to the 90's, but you're about 20 years too late, there, sweetheart. Good try, though!

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Letter: Don’t celebrate war

Honey, try re-reading. It's MANGAN...not Morgan. You are so incredibly ignorant, I'm debating the value of trying to enlighten you. I believe in second chances, so I'll take a shot. But, based on your completely non-sequitur comments, I'm not going to hold out much hope.

Re-read your initial letter, you idiot. Did I EVER say you weren't entitled to your opinion? I said you have ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT to pretend you speak for every combat veteran, ever, just because you were one. That stands today, and will tomorrow. If you don't like fireworks, great...even understandable. But you pretended you had an insight into every single veteran in your letter. You didn't qualify your comments with "some" or "I". You used grossly massive generalizations, and implied YOUR opinion belongs to all. You are wrong, and you have no right to mislead the populace by implying that you speak for everyone. You don't.

The ignorance I'm talking about in the hell do you get that I think "how great war is", just because I understand, and support, the history of our National Anthem and the Fourth of July holiday??? Talk about confusing the issue! You, CLEARLY, don't understand the history of the song. It is not about glorifying, or celebrating, war. It is not about war being "great!" (@@), and it's not about how "wonderful" it would be to send your kids off to die in war. What an idiot. It is about the celebration of winning the fight against those threatening our freedom, in 1812. Crack a history book, hon. You could learn something. LOL. I know, that's a stretch :-)

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Letter: Retiree haven

And...Dr. Godwin doesn't seem to comprehend the general discussion that's gone on, regarding retirees. Very few people argue that there isn't anything to do, around Lawrence. His point, "There is plenty to do here to enjoy the change of pace of retirement..." is moot. The question is not what retirees can do. It is, can they afford to live here, to enjoy the available amenities? No offense, but retiring with a pysician's benefits (which I am not even remotely suggesting that you did not earn) does not really mean you are "in touch" with the average retiree, and their financial concerns. Retiring in your financial shape PROBABLY gives you a large selection of types of retirement to seek. Good for you! But not really apropos, in this argument.

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Letter: Retiree haven

Yet, we keep hearing it, over and over and over.....

What does that mean, exactly? "People, like me, who [fill in the blank], have no voice on here." [punctuation added]. Doesn't that just mean, "If people don't all agree with me, I'll just say I have no voice."? Because, saying that, ad nauseam, is exactly that voice that you're complaining about.

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Letter: Don’t celebrate war

How DARE you purport to speak for all combat veterans! Your complete misunderstanding of the holiday and the National Anthem demonstrates EXACTLY what is wrong with this country and why people no longer appreciate our history. The Star Spangled Banner does not "glorify war". That's a naive and simplistic comment I would expect from a 6 year old. You conveniently forgot the lyrics, immediately after the ones you quoted, "...gave proof through the night that the flag was still there..." The song celebrates, not war, but the realization that the people in this country, who less than 50 years prior, launched a revolution to fight for their ideals of freedom, were STILL long as they saw the flag still flying. It was a poignant moment for the author (Francis Scott Key...who I'm guessing you believe was some sort of "hawk"), as he witnessed the bombardment of Ft McHenry, by the British, in 1812, and realized the power and symbolism of Old Glory. Celebrating and honoring a poignant moment, in the recognition of the powerful, and long-lived, ideals on which this country was founded, is what every American SHOULD do, every year, at a minimum, while they realize the freedom they have been given, by simple birthright, due to the happenstance of being born on the very soil celebrated in that song, and the right they have been assured, to act like an arrogant and pompous blowhard.

I am guessing, based on your letter, that you are a "combat veteran", and, as one, feel you are entitled to speak for the millions of others who have gone before you, and will go after. YOU ARE NOT. I spent the first 18 years of my life living exclusively on U.S. Army posts, throughout the United States, and Europe. I have known more combat veterans, during my lifetime, that you can ever imagine meeting. 85% of them served in Vietnam, the remainder in World War II, Korea, the Gulf War, and Iraq and Afghanistan. Not every combat veteran is the result of a cookie-cutter, who looks, thinks, and feels just like every other one does, as you, obviously, believe. I have witnessed the most patriotic, celebratory, excitement-filled, pride-inducing, and exhilarating July 4th celebrations that have ever existed...and every single one was put on display, with honor and pride, by the members of the United States Army. The first time I held a sparkler, or lit a firecracker, or watched the brilliant colorful explosions, overhead, was with the encouragement of my dad...who, despite enduring active combat, in Vietnam, finished his 30+ years of active-duty service to the U.S. Army with pride, honor, conviction, and enjoying the hell out of celebrating our hard-earned freedom by recreating that night, 200 years ago, by "blowing the crap out of stuff", in a purely American celebration. Get over yourself.

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