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Mass Street Sweet Shoppe adds sandwich shop to business

I sure do miss the Cheese Shoppe. Best of luck to the owners, and kudos for not being afraid to try new ideas with their business.

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10 Lawrence police officers disciplined for complaints last year

There's a difference between a tattle-tell, and an officer of the law making sure his peers follow the proper procedures. For one thing, if the officer is using poor judgment, it could be the difference between a criminal being prosecuted and walking free. Luckily none of these complaints seem to be rooted in corruption, but some definitely involve bad decisions and in a couple cases, just plain laziness. If you want a competent and professional police force, you should applaud the officers who had the courage to come forward. Otherwise, "forget it, Jake, it's Chinatown."

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10 Lawrence police officers disciplined for complaints last year

Glad to see there are officers that aren't afraid to report questionable actions by their fellow officers. I'm sure that's a tough decision to make, but they're doing the right thing. Thanks to all those who work to make our community a safe and peaceful place.

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Letter: True champions

I follow a lot of different sports, but that's an aspect of women's athletics that I don't step back and appreciate often enough. Women have come such a long way just to be able to compete. Stories like this one need to be passed down through the generations. Thanks for sharing.

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Development roundup: the Kasold curve, Myers Liquor and more speculation about a downtown restaurant

There are still a few good reasons to visit Topeka, however, all of them involve Mexican food!

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Should Kansas abandon its ban on same-sex marriage?

Everyone deserves love and happiness, and it doesn't affect anyone else, so it's a no-brainer. Not sure why folks get so wrapped up in other people's business. Just make sure you have some good food and a well-stocked bar at your wedding, and I'll be there!

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Teller's restaurant to change name and concept to Merchants Pub & Plate

Teller's had a good run, but their concept had run its course. At one time I would have said it was one of the top two or three places in town, but not in recent years. The menu was boring, and the food was pretty hit-or-miss. For the prices they were charging, you can do so much better in Lawrence these days. I really like the idea of Merchants, and I can't wait to try it out.

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Graduation holds special meaning for adults who took nontraditional route

Great job to all! I hope you're all proud of yourselves, because it takes some serious discipline to buckle down and complete this while living your life as an adult. Not to mention, when you're out of practice with math, science, etc., it's pretty tough to learn. Hang that diploma somewhere visible to remind yourself that you can accomplish anything you want if you commit to it.

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What is your favorite Elvis song?

So many great ones. On any given day, I might pick a different song, but today is Suspicious Minds.

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Which version of Batman is your favorite?

The Dark Knight and the Batman with Jack Nicholson are great, but my favorite is the old TV show. The sideways camera angles when they're scaling a building are hilarious, as is Cesar Romero's visible mustache under his make-up. And what didn't Batman have in that utility belt? Seriously, he gets shark repellent out of there once. That's not even the best part! Has there ever been a less believable superhero than Adam West? He's fantastic on there! I grew up watching those, and they're still golden in my eyes.

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