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A whale of a mystery at a Lawrence construction site; $1 million expansion set for west Lawrence office building

The whale also sat on the corner of Trail Rd. and Frontier Dr. in 2012-2013 (on the property of Frontier Apartments). It looks a little worse for the wear now.

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Once-charming rural schoolhouse has become an eyesore for neighbors and a challenge for the county

It is tragic to see a significant historical property fall into this kind of disrepair. So much history lost - very sad. The owner should be ashamed and should evict the tenants and sign over the property to the county or to someone who will respect the history and restore it.

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County provides grant money to preserve local heritage, resources; ECM denied because of standing with IRS

The building you are referring to is the public mausoleum, built in 1917 and located on the Northeast side of the cemetery. The receiving vault is located on the East side, next to the Usher family mausoleum. Built for the storage of bodies prior to burial (in the days of hand dug graves), the vault presumably does not currently contain remains. Both the city mausoleum and the vault are in disrepair - I am curious what the city intends to do with the vault once restored? As for the mausoleum, I agree that in addition to restoration, their needs to be some public recognition of those interred there.

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Air-ambulance transports man who fell 20 feet in Lawrence

We live near 14th and Connecticut and was up with my baby when this happened - the helicopter was SO loud! Turns out it was right in our backyard, so no wonder. Hope this guy is alright and agree that drinking + balcony = bad news.

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KU homecoming parade downtown will herald a zombie invasion

Of course my little girl knows that zombies are not real! On Halloween we do kid/family friendly activities and trick or treating. We went to the zombie walk one year to help her "get over her fear" and she was terrified. One of the zombies came up - very in character, in her face w/ blood dripping down his and screamed in her face about eating her brains. She was 4. I hardly think many four year old would think that is "fun" - needless to say she has a lasting impression of the event as very scary, and probably won't want to be at 8th and Mass when they are all over the street. I am not knocking the event - I think it is great fun and a for a good cause. Just think it is for adults and should not directly follow a KU event that should be for all ages. Poor planning is all. There is such a thing as childhood innocence and I am glad that my girls have it.

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KU homecoming parade downtown will herald a zombie invasion

This bums me out. I am all for either event, and it doesn't bother me personally. However I have two little girls, both LOVE the Jayhawks and would really enjoy the parade and probably want to stay for the pep rally - and my 6 year old is terrified of the Zombie walk and will likely want to avoid the whole thing. Not a good choice for families to combine these two events. Really too bad :(

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Popular breakfast restaurant Milton's returning to downtown in space currently occupied by Loopy's

I hope that Milton's works out in the new space. I always enjoyed the food there and have many fond memories of breakfast with friends and family. As for Dave, I know him personally and he is a great guy - I think some of you have no manners to complain and disparage him in a public forum. Imagine yourself being bashed by total strangers based on what kind of "look" you had on your face one time...pretty unfair. Good luck Dave! Can't wait to have breakfast on the patio when the weather warms up!

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Hopping around with downtown's Toad

Hmmm...I am also a runner and have experienced rage from this guy as well, yelling at me to "get off of the road" etc. I know of at least one of my friends who has had a similar experience w/ him. For someone who promotes simply being "nice", it is weird indeed!

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Deciding on Christmas tree can be tricky

We bought an absolutely beautiful Fir tree yesterday at Sunrise Garden Center (15th and New York) for $45, they did a trim and fresh cut and the customer service was great. They will deliver for $10.

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Town Talk: Varsity House may avoid wrecking ball as part of Oread apartment project; debate about downtown events brewing at City Hall; more news about downtown boutiques

My family and I attended the Bert Nash event last year and then spent the remainder of the evening downtown, shopped at several businesses and then had dinner (for 8 people) at a downtown restaurant. Seems to me that the event is good for business to me!!

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