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Anna Undercover: Always Appreciated?

I actually find this laugh out loud funny. Ha ha!

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Anna Undercover: Good Times with Olathe PD

A friend of mine I work with had been pulled over 5 times in a month by the dreaded Olathe PD a few months ago. Granted, his tags were expired, but still, those folks are vicious out there. Seriously, why are cops terrorizing the populace on the roadways when they could go out and stop real crimes?

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Anna Undercover: One-Year Anniversary

Congrats on your 1 year blog-iversary. You're aunt sounds like a wonderful lady. I've have been fortunate to have a few women like that in my life and in my family. I have lost a few as well. I think about them and celebrate their lives often. I am humbled that I had the opportunity to know them. May they all live forever in our hearts.

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Anna Undercover: Human Sacrifice

Shhh...they'll hear you...

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Anna Undercover: Human Sacrifice

Seen a couple of these. Wouldn't want to be on the receiving end. But always pure entertainment for the crowd and apparently for girls involved. Glad your back.

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Televison at its best: We don't do heroin. Let's have sex.....

Born in 1979. Roe, why you have underwear that old...well, I just don't want to know.

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Televison at its best: We don't do heroin. Let's have sex.....

I was going for more of an extreme. Looking at the dawn of TV, shows seemed to be more wholesome and moral. Today, it's more about selling advertising. Writers try to be more and more racy in order to get people to watch and thereby watch the ads.

But it is *what* they are portraying that is disturbing. We shouldn't emulate what we see on TV, but we do. Anyone who says "TV was never meant to be a babysitter. TV was never meant for us to emulate" is not realizing the harsh truth that TV is used as a babysitter and people emulate it.

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Televison at its best: We don't do heroin. Let's have sex.....

I believe as TV influences life, life influences TV. Writers write what they know. They may change a detail here and there to make it "juicy" and "entertaining" but I feel they are creating a version of real life, albeit heavily stylized and enhanced. Can you imagine something like this being shown on TV during the 50's? Absolutely not. I was not alive then, but I can see how far we have fallen morally as a society. TV reflects the morals of the day therefore the moral decline of society can be very easily traced through the types of things that are shown and glorified on TV.

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Televison at its best: We don't do heroin. Let's have sex.....

I feel drug use has led to the moral decline in this society for years. Legal drugs, illegal drugs and alcohol warp people's morals and weaken the very fiber of what made this a decent society. Drugs have permeated society, no one can imagine living without them.

Doctors say we need drugs to stay mentally balanced. They prescribe drugs to "ease the pain" (see the article today on cancer users going on psychedelic trips). If you can't get your fix legally, there is always the illegal field. Pot, heroin, cocaine, meth and the like are available if you know where to look. And to think, some people are actually pushing to make some of them legal? Why? It won't lower crime. It won't keep people out of jail. They just want to get high.

Alcohol is a long standing drug that society has accepted and it is the cause of so many problems. It has worked its way into being even a major sponsor of sporting events. The amount of death and chaos that can be directly attributed to alcohol and its consumption has been well documented.

This corrosion of morality has bled into TV, which Ronda was correct to point out. This glorifies its use and abuse. Why? For the drama of it? This show is only a stylized reflection of real life. How far have we fallen?

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Anna Undercover: Fired.

Perception is reality. This is the way you have chosen to perceive my comments to you. So be it. I have attempted to be civil and I will continue to do so. And I don't speak for Anna, but like everyone else here, I can make inferences and perceptions on what she says and means. I just chose to voice what I think she is saying and I will continue to do so until she tells me otherwise.

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