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KU class of 80-Living in comfortable exile.
Retired RN, now living in Hawaii (Ah so far from Lawrence, but while Lawrence is shivering I got 80 degree temps)
The first time I stepped into Allen Fieldhouse,I was 8.I was hooked. Got to see the Jayhawks beat my Grandpa's Alma Mater, Colorado. I must admit I felt kind of guilty-but not for long. My Dad got us in before the game and the Phog was empty. Still the days when the Big K was in mid floor. It smelled like floor wax and sweat. I can still smell it. It was Ted Owen's 2nd year. We beat them by 20 points.. When I graduated in 1980, He was still the Coach. We beat them by less-but we beat them. The genious of KU Ball is that since 1898 We have only had 9 Coaches-think of it-only 9. Tradition,Continuity,Stability- and the Temple of College Basketball.