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Can Kansas salvage season? Fat chance

Not by 52 points with a team and coaching staff that gives up

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Believe it: Chiefs 2-0

LOL pull your head out of the clouds. I bet any amount of money that if Todd Haley was coaching the hawks they would be 3-0 and you give Gill to the cheifs they would be 0-2.

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North Dakota State stuns Jayhawks, 6-3

Your going to be giddy alot this year !

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North Dakota State stuns Jayhawks, 6-3

I try to look at the bright side. Right now were on track to a new head coach to replace the one that couldn't win in the mid american conference and can't beat a I-aa school with a power conference bcs team. Face it our good buddy ...i mean crook lew hired a unproven, under qualified man to do a job. I won't go in to details on why he was hired but I will say that this man was not hired in the best interest of KU football and building a winning program. Anyone suprised about yesterdays performance shouldn't be, when you hire a losser you get a ...well you can finish it.

p.s. I'm glad this guy gets paid 2.5 million a year to make KU football the joke of the BIG 12

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Student plans to file complaint after being confronted by Eudora police

gogoplata, how do you know he didn't

"How difficult would it have been for the stupid cop to just let the guy know there was a call from a neighbor and ask him what he was doing there"

How do you know that the suspect didn't make remarks that escalated the problem to the point it got. You don't know because you weren't there ! Neither was the LJ world reporter that wrote the story.

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Student plans to file complaint after being confronted by Eudora police

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Owners of Toyotas remaining loyal despite recall

Centerville (Anonymous) says…

Like Secretary LaHood is going to scare us into trading in our Toyotas for Zip cars.
And, for the record, Toyotas are built here.

Venom says
Hmmmm ?? better check your facts not all Toyota's are "assembled" in the USA

mistygreen (Anonymous) says…

"Remember the Explorer Tire fiasco? It took them years to recognize the need for a recall. "

Not sure how this related to the auto manfacturers. Firestone is a tire maker and tires on new cars are not warrantied by the auto maker but by the tire maker. You did not even need to take it to a dealer for repairs, it could be done at a Firestone facility.

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Crown Chevrolet seeking arbitration

Defender (Anonymous) says…

“Beerguy - did you know that Toyota's gas pedal issues are not even related to their equipment? They come when people trade out the floor mats in the car for another one that doesn't hook like the factory ones do.”

Hmmmm, makes no sense whatsoever. Companies do not recall products when aftermarket items cause an issue. Nope, doesn't work that way.

Venom says
Thanks glad not everyone is as stupid as "beerguy" I will take the word to NTSB over some moron any day

merrill (Anonymous) says…

Hats off to Toyota for cutting off further sales on those models until problems can be fixed. According to a radio news cast that step has never be taken.

Venom says
Never amazes me how many people think they know about something they are clueless about. About every auto manufacturer has stoped sales of there cars to correct flaws in design. Ya hats off to Toyota for trying to cover the problem up until it was unavoidable

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Drama and domination

It was the breakfast, jharalson keeping the dad's honest with good food, not the re-used frozen parcels Mr. Reiske likes to use. Good Job Lions

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KU chancellor says Perkins' contract with Overland Park company isn't a problem

KRichards (Anonymous) says…

Perkins is one of the best things to ever happen to KU and KUAC. Quit being jealous just because he makes a lot of money for making a lot of money for KUAC.

looks like 1 out of 8 agree with you

most think Lew is a rat

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