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Letter: Hate speech

Satirical. You are beating your head unnecessarily here. The NRA is not a protected group of people, hate speech has no legal definition. Please be careful what you wish for.

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Letter: Felony required?

Marriage is god's institution? LOL

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Neighbor questions church's use of school

Yup, but this means the Phelps clan could also rent the building, or any other religious group.

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Government shutdown produces automated calls from Democratic Party group targeting Jenkins, Yoder

Because it is the law, fred. Very simple.

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KU journalism professor Guth placed on leave as school reviews comment he made on Twitter on shootings

Kleptocracy: government by thieves, regardless of party. We elect them.

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KU journalism professor Guth placed on leave as school reviews comment he made on Twitter on shootings

We have no legal definition of hate speech.

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KU journalism professor Guth placed on leave as school reviews comment he made on Twitter on shootings

Defamation = libel and/or slander. Everyone who tweets is a public figure, now? Oopsy, you are wrong again.

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Letter: Civil discourse

Refreshingly supported by the Koch's?

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Letter: Civil discourse

The mission of Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) is to identify, educate, train, and mobilize youth activists committed to "winning on principle." Our goal is to cast the leaders of tomorrow and reclaim the policies, candidates, and direction of our government.

YAL Statement of Principles

We are the Young Americans for Liberty. We recognize the God-given natural rights of life, liberty, and property set forth by our Founding Fathers. Our country was created to protect the freedoms of the individual and be directed by We the People.

We recognize that freedom requires responsibility, and therefore we hold ourselves to a high standard of character and conduct. Integrity motivates our action. Principle defines our outlook towards government. Peace and prosperity drive our ambitions towards our countrymen.

We inherit a corrupt, coercive world that has lost respect for voluntary action. Our government has failed and dragged our country into moral decay. The political class dominates the agenda with a violent, callous, controlling grip. For this we do not stand.

We welcome limited government conservatives, classical liberals, and libertarians who trust in the creed we set forth.

WE, as Young Americans for Liberty believe:

that government is the negation of liberty;

that voluntary action is the only ethical behavior;

that respect for the individual's property is fundamental to a peaceful society;

that violent action is only warranted in defense of one's property;

that the individual owns his/her body and is therefore responsible for his/her actions;

that society is a responsibility of the people, not the government.

Strategic partners.

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Kansas premiums lower than expected under new health insurance marketplaces, report says

Perhaps these may be some of your favs?

“You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”

“The most perfidious way of harming a cause consists of defending it deliberately with faulty arguments.”

“The worst readers are those who behave like plundering troops: they take away a few things they can use, dirty and confound the remainder, and revile the whole.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

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