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Sound Off: Motorcycle mufflers

I would rather listen to a nicely tuned motorcycle engine than some moron with their car stereo turned up so loud it would drown out a 747 engine. With the bass turned down so low, it rattles your windows a block away. If I wanted to listen to their freaking music I would be sitting in their car. Yes I ride a motorcycle and she is quieter than most cars.

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Sound Off: Cat leash law

My Siamese hated a leash, but loved to ride on my motorcycle. He would get around my neck and wrap his paws around me to hang on. Got stopped (this was in New Orleans) and given a ticket because my 'passenger' wasn't wearing a helmet!!!! The judge laughed and threw it out, Big Easy cops (*groan*).

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Sound Off: Is it legal to make a left turn on a red light in west Lawrence?

Sitting at a red turn light on a motorcycle which may not have the weight nor mass to trigger the light while waiting for a car to pull behind you to change it is a pain. I believe Kansas law states that a bicycle or motorcycle can turn left on the red light provided there is no on coming traffic and it can be done so in a safe manner. If you are in a car, eh well, your stuck :-(

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Jet sparks curiosity

Funny thing about that fly over, the military knows where every single one of its aircraft are at any given time. Its a thing call a transponder. NORAD as well as several other agencies track a specific code assigned to each plane. From the moment he leaves the ground till he touches down, they know his/hers location. So whoever did the fly by was know by the military before they even left Lawrence airspace. If that wasn't authorized, someone is in real deep Kimchi!!!

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Emergency crews respond to multiple injury, car versus motorcycle accident

I started riding motorcycles in the summer of 1966 and have been riding them ever since. Do I wear a helemt? YES!!!! Back in 1971 I had an old woman run a stop light and I T-boned her car on a Triumph. No hemet. I hit the curb head first and spent a week in ICU. Since then, I won't ride around the block without a helmet. Since there is no helmet law in Kansas few riders heed the saftey of a helmet. It is a know fact that asphalt is much harder than the human skull. Hope the best for the two riders in this accident.

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Kwik Shop closes West 23rd Street store

Used to get coffee there until it got to the point that just about every time I would go in, the coffee pots were empty or the coffee was old. But the coffee card that would get you a free cup after six were punched out on it kept me going back. Now I just take my own coffee and save a $1.28 a cup :-)

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Knuckle-cracking’s effects: The Jury’s out

Knuckle popping is annoying but not anywhere as rude and annoying as some idiot popping gum. You go to a nice place to eat and sit down for a quite meal when some #$##% comes in and starts popping. But they don't stop because they are with someone and on a diet. Had it happen once in KC. Or sitting on a long flight with some jerk popping it right behind you. The rudest of the rude.

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Animal blamed for most recent cat killing

Marion Lynn, Now I got that Led Zepplin song stuck in my head!!!!!

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Animal blamed for most recent cat killing

I for one am a cat lover. I used to have a cat that looked alot like the one pictured for this story when I was going to high school in New Orleans. I trained him to ride on my motorcycle by wrapping himself around my neck and shoulders. It was fun watching the expressions of people as I was riding down St. Charles or Magazine streets with a cat on my shoulders. I would pull up at home and he jump off and in the yard he would go. Then when I would get ready to ride to school, he would jump on the seat and was ready to go. I remember a NOPD cop pulling me over and writing me a warning ticket because the cat wasn't wearing a helmet! As he put it, the law states that the rider and passenger are required to wear helmets. It didn't state what the passenger was. My girlfreind didn't like it as the cat was always swinging his tail in her face (don't get the wrong idea here :) So keep your cats safe.

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