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Bonner Springs police seeking information in possible abduction at Lion's Park Friday

Well I think that is the reason there isn't a full out Amber Alert. But just like what happened at Walmart, people could be traveling through. Just being sure I guess. If the LJWorld didn't post it people would get on here a rip them for not.

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Bonner Springs police seeking information in possible abduction at Lion's Park Friday

your missing something in the article. It says the 2 young boys weren't suppose to be at the park so they didn't report it right away.

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Coach likes Firebirds’ looks

yeah Hail, the coach use to train the kids on his own in weights and conditioning each day. Then he had them go to Dog Days to support Red and get them in the community. The work out itself wasn't a big part of it because the kids already worked out and a majority couldn't handle great effort at Dog Days without losing weight for football. The problem was some of the adults didn't understand the total situation and felt like they needed to say something to the kids.

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Coach likes Firebirds’ looks

Now before you get all excited when taking about it starting I am meaning for LHS football and not Dirk specifically. I do realize Wedd wasn't the coach there when it started. I'm talking about Dog Days being started for LHS football and being a longtime tradition for LHS football players. That should make it easy to follow.

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Coach likes Firebirds’ looks

Yes does Coach Wedd use Dog Days, that's where it started. YES! Thats where it started. Red started it for LHS football players. Go talk to the man himself. haha

We will try this 1 more time for the slow, "If it were such a hardship for these 16 and 17 year-olds to put in a little effort " So my question is what are they if they are not putting in this effort you speak of. And I hope TJ starts and does well too. It is his senior year and though many start before that it would be nice for this to pay off for him.

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Coach likes Firebirds’ looks

1st Maria the Free State players haven't done Dog Days for the last 2 summers which means most of these guys on this team haven't done or were underclassman so you must have a "personal issue" with the kids who have been told they are it since 4th grade.

2nd I didnt say Coach Wedd started Dog Days. Read above and sharpen your own reading comp. No need to call your English teacher for help, I'm here for you.

3rd you said "If it were such a hardship for these 16 and 17 year-olds to put in a little effort that would serve as a nice warm-up for their football activities Lisher would have pulled the plug years ago. He'd also keep the kids from attending now, but TJ Cobbs is still there every day putting forth the effort." Your saying they are not putting forth effort like T.J. read it's right there. So thanks for helping me with MY ignorance. haha good stuff. continue to grind your axe. It is obvious you know nothing about this besides what the Red Dog clan says about kids who do extra work over the summer to get a bit better at there sport. Which is exactly why Free State left and why LHS never stayed. You can't get ready to play ball training next to a women pushing a stroller. Hopefully this will all work for TJ and he can start his whole senior season.

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Coach likes Firebirds’ looks

1st Maria the Free State senior class from last year havent been told they were the greatest since they were 4th graders. They have always been a small class? 2nd, Dog Days has always been a great community program for the general population and was made by Red Dog back in the day so football players could maintain so they wouldn't get hurt when workouts started. Nowadays, players try to get better in the summer not just maintain. Does Coach Wedd use Dog Days? That's where it started. So is Brad Strauss a slacker because he doesn't do Dog Days. Of course not. Your right TJ is a good kid and will have a great chance to step up and be a leader. Lets see how it works out. But to say those kids don't work hard is laughable. It just shows your ignorance.

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Coach likes Firebirds’ looks

I think there coach stopped sending them to Dog Days because like LHS they do there own football workouts each morning. The coach was sending them to a certain amount of Dog Days each summer to keep the young men connected to the community. During those workouts, grown men and women thought they should question the effort of kids who were often there along with a football, baseball , and basketball workout. Once the adults made it into something it didnt need to be the coach made a good call. As for the butt kicking, if you went to the game you saw the better team win. The Free State team over achieved last year and it was interesting that they were ever favored to win that game. LHS was a very good team and with Big Tyrone running that Offense at QB, that might have put us in a better position to win that game. It was a better match up against that D. Great day to be a Lion.

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Catcher Drew Green steps out of brother’s shadow

Great kid. Keep workin'.

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Planning commission recommends approval of rec center zoning

This is probably true but that should free up the gyms at the schools in our neighborhoods. Those are the gyms that our kids can get to easiest.

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