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Police investigating death of 25-year-old Lawrence man at The Oread hotel

I could be wrong, but I thought the balconies were only on the top three levels, which are condo residences anyway. There's the fifth floor terrace, but they have to shut that down at 10PM or something... whatadrag, I'm with you. How about we put leashes on the folks that want to go on the terrace, just in case patrons get any wild ideas...

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Hotel faces tall order

I'm with you Jill. It's an ego issue not a convenience issue. I lived in the blue house on the end of Indiana and it was the best place I lived all of college. I could walk out of my house and hear people laughing at the Crossing and smell food from Yello Sub, I couldn't imagine trading that in for a view of a hotel. While we're at it, how about we just rid ourselves of Mass. street shopping and open a mall?

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