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Rain or shine, pastor’s daily devotion to running carries prayers though Lawrence

^ I would also like to know the location of this street. I run and bike and therefore would like to avoid it.

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Some Lawrence sidewalks remain snowbound despite $20 fines

Agreed. I was out for a jog at the same time and since there was snow still on the ground, I made sure I was prepared to walk through it.

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Dean of Education initiated recent email incident over turkey abuse case

Anyone making six figures should know better. At every trivial job I have ever had making $10/hour or less, I have had to read and sign extensive sexual harassment information and sometimes attend classes and take tests on the topic. Sure it was a joke, but it's a major problem that this man likely sends routine emails of a sexual nature to co-workers. Is there not a policy against that? Shouldn't a dean be held as much responsible as the people getting paid the least at the organization?

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