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Did you watch the final episode of Oprah?

Yeah, it's got to be a little intimidating for all the men posting their snide little comments on here to think that a woman, especially an African American woman, has SO much power, money and influence in our world. You all can make jokes all you want......Oprah changed our world, for the better. And SHE, my friends, is laughing all the way to the bank!

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Farm stewards

Yes, once again proving how wonderful of stewards animal farmers are to our environment:


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Health attack

Excellent LTE Donna & Forrest!!! I, along with many other Kansans, am outraged by what Brownback & our legislature is doing with women's health & reproductive rights. Sadly though, it doesn't surprise me. I knew issues like abortion was going to be one of their top priorities in our state once they got elected. It always is. Forget the fact that we have schools closing all over the place, jobs that need creating and are millions in debt in our state. By golly, abortion & cutting off Planned Parenthood needs to be top priority. Really?

And absolutelyridiculous, that is just what your posts are!

". . .instead of relying on some big corporate giant business to bail them out when they choose to go sleeping around with the wrong guy" Did you really post this?! You should be embarrased. You need to look outside of your tiny bubble you live in and realize there are all kinds of reasons why a woman would go to Planned Parenthood. But shame on them for not being rich and able to afford cancer screenings, wellness exams, etc. right?

I'm assuming your anti-abortion stance is wrapped up in your religious beliefs, yes? Hmmmm....I have a feeling Jesus would have no problem with poor women having access to life-saving exams such as cancer screenings, mammos, etc. After all, that is who Jesus helped the most, poor people. People like you really are such hypocrites.

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Animal protection groups speak out against Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback's plan for ag department to take over animal health department

To my knowledge, the Dept. of Ag oversees livestock (cows, pigs, chickens, etc.), and the Animal Health Dept. oversees companion animals (dogs, cats, etc.).

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Animal protection groups speak out against Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback's plan for ag department to take over animal health department

Of course the Kansas Livestock Association supports Brownback’s proposal. After all, puppymillers call their breeding dogs "livestock", now don't they.

What a HUGE step backwards for the animals (pets) of this state. Why do you think MIssouri for SO many years couldn't get laws in place to protect puppymill dogs? Because of the corruption in their legislature with some of them being puppymillers themselves. These two agencies (Animal Health Department & Dept. of Ag.) need to be kept completely separate if nothing else because of conflicts of interest. The pets of this state that get rescued from puppymill closures, hoarders, and disasters in general are NOT livestock.

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Lawrence Humane Society to pay workers $10,000 in back pay following federal labor investigation

Yeti, thank you as always, for being a voice of reason and posting FACTUAL information! It's sad how humans can get that "pack mentality" going when there is someone who is easy prey. If Midge had nothing to do with payroll whatsoever (which makes sense), then the finger pointing needs to be directed to the person on the Board who did handle payroll & timecards. All that aside though, this issue has been dealt with and I'm sure won't happen again. So people, MOVE ON! The animals in that shelter need all of us to quit dwelling on this issue and focus our attention and energies on them.

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Midge Grinstead reinstated as executive director of the Lawrence Humane Society

This is FANTASTIC news!! I'm glad the Board came to their senses. SOOOOO glad to have you back Midge. I don't know what our shelter and community would do without you.

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Sam Brownback, Pat Roberts sign on to federal health reform challenge

I think for anyone that chants "get government out of my life", they should not be provided police protection, fire protection, Medicare, Social Security, healthcare, etc. These are all government programs whether on a local level, state level, or federal level. I don't think people realize just how dumb they sound when they chant or say idiotic things like this.

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Sam Brownback, Pat Roberts sign on to federal health reform challenge

I've got a great idea for all the tea-baggers & republicans that don't want to be a part of the new healthcare system . . . have our government allow them to opt out. Then, when they come down with cancer, get diabetes, have a heart attack, etc. and their healthcare provider either drops them (and then no one else will pick them up because it's a pre-existing condition) and their benefits are maxed out, too friggin bad!!! How can some of the middle class be so ignorant and buy into the idea that somehow this healthcare reform is bad? If you don't want it, fine. Don't get it. And when you get sick and dropped by your provider, don't come crying to anyone. But let the rest of us with a brain in our head, enjoy the benefits of this reform. I received a Blue Cross/Blue Shield of KS DVD in the mail about the changes of this new healthcare bill, and after watching it, I still don't understand why in the world some people in this country don't want it. Then I realized that it really boils down to the fact that a democratic congress/president got it passed, and that alone, is what the tea-baggers and republicans are p'd about. Because when you break this healthcare bill down, and ask anyone if they like the different provisions in it, everyone does. The ones complaining just don't want to pony any money up for it. Hmmm.....I thought all you teabaggers & republicans were against free handouts from the government? If you are, then you shouldn't mind paying a little for healthcare!

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Midge Offered Proposal by Shelter Board

If your theory is right, then that's all the more reason these two board members need to go! I believe a few people are researching KS law to find out how to get rid of board members before their term expires.

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