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Another push made to repeal limits on allowing corporate farming

"Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money."
-- Cree Indian Proverb

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Letter: Turkey abuse

I find it truly sad that not one person commenting on here has acknowledged the fact that these drunk frat men literally tortured and killed this living being for the sheer fun of it. I dont care if it was a turkey, cat or dog. This was an innocent creature that did not deserve what happened to it. And any human being with an ounce of compassion and empathy would understand this. But instead, I'm reading through a bunch of idiotic, heartless comments. I thought Lawrencians had more compassion than this. Cruelty is cruelty, no matter who it is perpetuated against.

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Hope fading

Yes it is!!! And yes they are!!!

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Hope fading

Ha-Ha!! Boy cowboy, you nailed that one. Applies to every republican I know!

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Hope fading

Geez, do we really have to read another typical editorial in the LJ World about how Obama has failed, bla-bla-bla? How does the most progressive city in Kansas end up with an obvious republican, conservative Editorial Board? Disappointing to say the least. At any rate, I have no doubt millions of people around this country, including myself, were very inspired by our President's speech, and heard plenty of actions that need to be taken by CONGRESS, in order to take care of the middle-class and poor families in this country. You just had to listen. Perhaps the writer of this editorial needs to go back and actually read the speech Obama gave before writing the typical republican nonsense about Obama's failure. How you can call ending the decade-long war in Iraq, actually locating Bin Laden & killing him, keeping our country from having a complete financial meltdown, getting legislation passed to keep insurance companies from being able to play god with people's lives, trying desperately to get Congress to end the tax cuts for the extreme wealthy and keep tax breaks for the middle-class & poor, and on and on, failures is beyond me. How can any of these be failures? I suppose if you're a republican that wants to see him fail, even at the expense of the middle-class & poor, then yes, he has done nothing good for the people of this country. However, those of us who ARE middle-class, or who have had a family member in Iraq for several tours, or who have had a child with cancer & had to fight with the insurance companies, or who was unemployed and needed the unemployment benefits extended, or just didn't want to see the rich pay only 15% in taxes where we pay 30%, yes, we know how much he has done for us. Democratics will always fight for the middle-class & poor long before a republican would. Perhaps this editorial writier can go write editorials for a newspaper out in Western KS. I'm sure your typical Obama-bashing nonsense would be received much better out there.

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Gentle Thanksgiving

What are you Mike, a 6 year old? Grow up for Pete's sake!

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Gentle Thanksgiving

Thank you Judy, for your thoughtful and compassionate letter. Not surprised to read all the typical moronic statements from the meat-eaters on here though. Take heart in knowing that more and more people every year are foregoing the dead carcass on their thanksgiving tables, as vegetarianism and veganism is spreading quite rapidly. Especially when amazing organizations like Mercy For Animals continue to go undercover and film these hell on earth factory farms and go public with the footage, like what happened this past week.

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Group to sue over new Kan. abortion clinic rules

Two points here no one has mentioned:

1. Birth control (condoms, etc.) should be FREE to the public -- both men and women. And women should not have to have a prescription to get their birth control pills.

2. Education is key here. Schools should be teaching kids about sex and birth control. There are many many parents out there who think if they just tell their kids no that they won't have sex. WRONG! Kids are having sex, and they need access to birth control and education about it. Also, women who live in low-income and poverty situations definitely need access to education and free birth control. Until we educate, abortions will continue to be needed. Now granted, there will always be a need for abortions in cases of rape and incest. But those situations which would require an abortion are rare and do not make up the majority of abortions happening. Education, education!!

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Temperatures hit 111 degrees in Lawrence, just shy of all-time record

I feel so sorry for anyone who has to be in this heat, but especially the animals. They have no say if their owner thinks they need to go for a run with them at 5:30 in the sweltering heat, or if their owner leaves them chained outside in the sun, or the poor cows who are stuck on those disgusting feedlots in western KS with no shade, no ponds and no way of getting cool. Hopefully Mother Nature will give us a break soon!

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Critter Care: Good summer practices for your pets

Thanks for this excellent article. I've seen all these scenarios ....dogs left is sweltering cars, owners forcing them to run when it's 95 degrees or hotter in the afternoon.....but another scenario that is equally dangerous for dogs is being taken out to the lake in boats and then their owners forcing the dogs to sit inside the boat with no shade and won't let them get into the water to cool off. This just infuriates me and I see it happen numerous times throughout the summer months. People just don't stop and think how miserable the heat is for their dogs...in fur coats! I have no problem though, saying something to these dog owners. The dogs life could depend on you speaking up for them. So please folks, if you see these types of scenarios, say something to the owner.

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