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Letter grades giving way to ‘standards-based’ marks in Lawrence schools

I can't believe people here are defending the ABCDF system. Is it really any less arbitrary than the new system they are changing to? What does a C+ or a B- really tell me about my children's learning? This is especially true when the teacher decides how many total points will be given in the entire year and how much each assignment is worth.

Just because we had to go through this arbitrary system does not mean we should have to subject our children to it. It will take more than changing the grading system (for better or worse) to change our schools.

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Drivers ignore ban on texting

So you were watching someone who was not watching the road. So weren't you just as distracted as they were?

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Governor to sign tax increase

We would call this a Tariff and not a Tax. And considering that we have a major trading relationship with various Asian countries who buy our wheat, this might not be a good move.

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City looking for direction to grow retail

I agree? What else do we really need?
The only thing I can think of is a grocery store downtown. I live on Mass Street and I was really sad to see our only grocery store go under. Even if it was overpriced and understocked, people who live downtown or even within a few blocks east and west of Mass need a place to pick up fresh produce.

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Should the president consider an atheist for a Supreme Court position?

As long as that atheist is pro life.

But seriously, religious issues in the court are really the least of our problems. What about that new campaign finance bs? We need an anti-corporate judge more than an atheist.

Now what about a vegetarian judge? That's something to get excited about.

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Is Science Just Another Religion? Part 1

BABBOY said "Have a hard time taking anyone serious who cites as authority Star Trek............"

Wooo there. Star Trek is good stuff, but in all seriousness, it has just as many elements of space fantasy as it does science fiction. Clearly the author of this piece has never watched the Next Generation, which in apparently Atheist:

"Horrifying... Dr. Barron, your report describes how rational these people are. Millennia ago, they abandoned their belief in the supernatural. Now you are asking me to sabotage that achievement, to send them back into the dark ages of superstition and ignorance and fear? No!"
-Cpt Jean Luc Picard, USS Enterprise D

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Pyle Meat Co. packing up

A specter is haunting Lawrence: the specter of meat eating. Go Vegetarian.

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Kansas House committee to vote next week on 'Health Care Freedom Amendment'


bart, driving is a privilege; living is a right. Only someone from the burbs who takes driving for granted could possibly think forcing drivers to buy auto insurance is the same as forcing everyone to buy health insurance. I think you're right to be up auto insurance though: imagine if the Fed. Gov. decided to make everyone buy auto insurance regardless of whether they drive. That would make a lot of sense would it not?

This amendment is more show than tell though. Even if it passes, it won't really prevent the Fed from saying . . . take our health care policy or lose school/highway/job grant money.

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Parkinson's State of the State address to be carried live on LJWorld.com, Sunflower's Channel 6

My Fellow Kansans,

We are all facing difficult times right now. Thus, we all know what needs to be done . . .


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Statehouse Live: Kansas anti-cockfighting law wins praise; State Library of Kansas moving

I'd like to sincerely ask why is it ok to raise a rooster for food but it is not ok to raise a rooster for fighting? I ask because I see a lack of consistency in our relationship with animals.

"The anti-cruelty laws of a nation are a reflection of our basic values and attitudes toward animals."

And what exactly are these basic values and attitudes? We are a nation that locks up celebrities for dog fighting while we consume millions of animals for food each year. We are continuously horrified when the news reports instances of animal cruelty, yet day after day, we fail to make the connection between animal cruelty reported by the media and the animal cruelty going on in slaughterhouses daily.

Why do we protect dogs and gamecocks but not cattle or pigs? What is the difference? Can't all feel pain? Don't all deserve legal protection?

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