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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

This is a big mistake. The debate on LJWorld got raucous at times, but that's okay in a democracy. I saw very little in the way of profanity, threats, and abuse. What disturbs me is that I believe that the LJWorld basically wants to have the only megaphone in town. And that megaphone will shrink -- along with ad revenues -- as will traffic to LJWorld.com, starting tomorrow. Adios.

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Kansas Silver-Haired Legislature endorses medical marijuana

This article is fake. No one has ever heard of the "Kansas Silver-Haired Legislature." When the LJ World acts like they're getting the opinion of a moral decline front group like this, they expose their agenda. Also, the grammar is bad. The word "medicinal" should be in quotation marks, and everyone knows it. Finally, there are scores of analgesics out there and yet, somehow, the one that gets people high and giggly is the only one that, supposedly, is deserving of public policy attention.

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Lawrence gets full-time navigator for Affordable Care Act

This is disgusting. A full-time propagandist for socialized medicine in Lawrence? Since Lawrence is a small city, there must be a full army of propagandists nationwide. If this woman were a doctor or a nurse practitioner helping low-income individuals, I could see the logic. However, this is proof that the Obama Administration is consistently on task for their main priority, left-wing propaganda. Actual health care is the farthest thing from their minds.

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Former Gov. Sebelius to attend reception to help Rep. Davis, who is considering a campaign for governor

Thanks, Shardwurm, for correcting the LJWorld. Sebelius is not only in violation of the Hatch Act, she's a repeat offender. When will we see her in an orange jumpsuit is the real question. For the LJWorld to spin the story this way is like headlining a story about the Titanic as "Large Passenger Ship Makes Atlantic Voyage." No one could possibly miss obvious truth this badly. Rothschild is openly confessing that he is corrupt.

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Wicked's fast-broadband project moving slower than expected

kuhusker, if you want super-fast broadband, just buy it. Wow/Knology has a 50 Mbps plan. For practical purposes, there is no difference between 50 Mbps and 1 Gbps. Technically faster, sure, but at that point, the larger gating factor is latency, processor speed, mouse control, and age/condition of the computer. Even 50 Mbps is like using an elephant gun on a mouse for any actual application.

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Wicked's fast-broadband project moving slower than expected

This is not even worth discussing. In asking for $500K to deploy fiber, Wicked de facto is admitting that its effort is a money-losing effort. Even worse, a money-losing effort funded by hard-working taxpayers. For Wicked to ask for goverment money to deploy fast broadband is like Chrysler asking for $500M to build ultra-fast cars, cars that could go 1,000 mph on the streets of Lawrence. The analogy is a solid one, since an HD video stream can be transmitted just fine at maybe 10 Mbps.

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Opinion: New Iran leader deserves a chance

Who requires the LJWorld to print this nonsense? This editorial is as nonsensical as eating a lamp. There has been no change in power in Iran. Ali Khameini continues to be the Supreme Leader and commander-in-chief, as he has been since 1989. Khameini has an abiding, all-consuming, long-term commitment to terrorism annd acquiring nuclear weapons. Israel aside, if Iran does acquire nuclear weapons, it will cause a regional arms race as Iran's neighbors will feel the need to protect themselves from Iran's nuclear insanity. Rowhani is not going to be Iran's leader and even if he were, nothing would change. He has been in charge of giving the West the dodge on nuclear weapons since 2003 and he was a close aide to Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Now, if Trudy Rubin publishes an editorial saying that eating lamps is the key to good nutrition, will the LJWorld publish that also?

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Davis seen as possible Democratic opponent to Gov. Brownback

Leaningleftist, thanks for helping me make my point. A majority of road dollars are wasted. Projects tend to be open air block parties for "workers" until the week before the deadline. Public schools are consistently inferior to private schools. Democrat heavies generally send their kids to private schools (e.g., the Clintons and the Obamas), as they know this as well as you and I know it. Meanwhile, the private sector efficiently produces virtually everything for which you are willing to pay.

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Davis seen as possible Democratic opponent to Gov. Brownback

So, the LJWorld nominates Davis. The larger question remains. Why would anyone anywhere ever vote for a Democrat? The Democrats are responsible for Obamacare, which is essentially an effort to make health care worse and more expensive. The Democratic Party has a horrible record on civil rights and believes that most of society's wealth should go to the government -- an entity that does not produce goods or services.

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Lawrence anti-hunger advocates worried by proposed food stamp cuts

This article is fraudulent. Fox Business reported, in June, quoting a policy analyst that Food Stamp spending "has nearly doubled since 2008, and has grown steadily every year since its inception in the 1960s." This same article (http://www.foxbusiness.com/personal-f...) also makes a pretty good case that Food Stamp fraud may rival baseball as the nation's pastime.

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