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Douglas County prosecutors dismiss sexual battery case after new trial is granted

The liar needs to spend a minimum of 5 years just to experience the same as the wrongly accused had to endure. Overzealous prosecutors need to strive for justice and not a hollow conviction. Will they go after the perjurer as aggressive as the so called perpetrator?

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Kansas attorney general sues to stop EPA air pollution rule

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Dillons issue


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Environmental groups file appeal with 10th U.S. Circuit Court to stop South Lawrence Trafficway project

Should have built it 20 years ago, then all of the damn tree huggers would have moved on to other trite causes. These are just wet lands and can be relocated with minimal impact on wildlife. I am sick and tired of a few good doers controlling a benefit for the majority.

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Will you attend a Kansas Relays event this year?

I have been there since 1967 when I ran track. Always rains, at 60 I will only go if it is dry and the sun shines. Sorry to be a fair weather fan!

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Crews burn Baker Wetlands south of 31st Street

Not to wet!!

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Lawrence City Commission to consider changes to parking lot in 1000 block of Vermont

No - this lot needs to be for the public! I'm sure they will get whatever they want since precious little Dave is the building owner.

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Former KU athletics ticket consultant asks judge for a sentence of no more than 21 months in prison

I think he deserves more time - he would still be doing it if not for a snitch. Boohoo buddy a lot of prisoners have health issues and families. He should have thought of want would happen to him and those around him when he committed the crime!

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Former manager of KU athletics ticket office Kassie Liebsch sentenced to 37 months in federal prison

Couldn’t agree more – if not for the snitch then this would have gone on forever since the safe guards were at best inadequate. The safe guards were Lew’s responsibility! Glad to see him gone but really think no charges will come about. Since prison time is now being assigned there seems nobody is left to roll over on. If this went on for 5 (five) years, then five years should be the very minimum. More like 10 to 15 years should be handed down. If I or God forbid a minority had stolen multimillion dollars then 20 years would have most probably been the sentence.

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