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Kansas Action for Children files lawsuit against Attorney General Derek Schmidt over settlement records

smileydog, just because the Louisiana Budget Project may have a relationship with Soros, doesn't mean a thing here in Kansas. Unless you can prove a direct connection, you are just spreading lies.

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Editorial: Clueless

This idea must be REALLY bad, if conservatives are comparing it to Pelosi's action. :-> Brownback is desperate for money, because of the ill-conceived income tax reduction plan passed last year. He knew from the outset that it would cause revenues to drop below what is safe to keep the Kansas economy going. The Credit bonding companies are poised to lower our credit rating, causing bond rates to increase. It's not only roads that are being affected here, it is infrastructure. Roads, bridges, utilities, everything to keep the flow of traffic going smoothly, will be compromised by the raiding of these funds, especially if Brownback gets control of KTA. He's already bled the KDOT funds, so much so, that promised projects may not come to fruition, affecting economic development in the project's county.

I hope those that voted for Sam, regret their decision, especially now that he has revealed his megalomaniacal tendencies. Power corrupts, and the absolute power that Sam wants, corrupts absolutely.

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Jenkins challenged in newly configured 2nd District

Lynn Jenkins, when she signed Grover Norquist's no-tax pledge, sold her soul, and became his puppet. She deserves to leave.

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