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Fritzel entity, not KU, will own stadiums and facilities at proposed Rock Chalk sports complex

And the rich get richer!!!!!!!! Bad, Bad deal for Lawrence all the way around!!! How many of the Lawrence residents that have been here since the "good ole days" will use such a Facility? NONE! They (older retired generation) are paying for it just like all of us and I keep helping and watching them move to smaller somewhat less expensive places . Thanks to the Fritzels, Comptons, RD Johnson's and KU nobody can afford to retire in Lawrence with this kind of BS happening. All these great idea's get stuffed down our throats and then the residents pay for it! Maybe the Fritzels, Comptons, RD Johnson's and KU can bus our kids to school since they do SO MUCH for the community! I hope the Fritzels, Comptons, RD Johnson's and KU realize student busses have taken a backseat to afford these BS ideals and other BS the commissioners keep approving. You know, the good schools that get torn down or closed to build a new one in a newer neighborhood out west. Go to this blog and step back for a minute....."The Lawrence We Miss, The Lawrence We Remember". Things here used to be good, just not now!

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Reesing deserves courtesy

What an article to read before such a huge rivalry. Maybe write something positive for us, AND THE TEAM to read instead of an opinion that creates turmoil. Bill does this too much and THAT is my opinion!

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