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Celebratory gunfire possible cause of deaths

Who uses a high-powered rifle for celebratory gunfire 20 minutes too late? This story doesn't make any sense.

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Gay couples enter into civil unions

"They want society's recognition of their relationship as legitimate."--STRS.

It IS legitimate. Next topic, please. I'm glad I could clear that up for you bigots.

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Dark beauty

Bowhunter, dark-sky programs keep excessive light from going up and focusing more down, not preventing more lights altogether. Read the freaking letter before making a comment.

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Life-saving act

Nice Steel Magnolias quote, gnome.

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Body found at Oliver Hall; no 'outward signs' of foul play

b3, your purely malicious remarks should be grounds for losing your account privileges. You've done nothing but make ridiculous assumptions about someone you never met, and are taking advantage of people's grief and throwing it in their face. You coward.

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Body found at Oliver Hall; no 'outward signs' of foul play

b3, beobachter, I'm speechless. The article says nothing about suicide or drug involvement. I'm shocked at two things: that you would come to such a conclusion due to a ridiculous stereotype about male college students; and that you would dare comment with your own assumptions and cold-heartedness when this forum is clearly a place for people to place memorial messages for the deceased.

You two disgust me. B3, you've written some pretty nasty, shortsighted things before, but this takes the cake. Show some respect for the people that knew him and bug off.

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Keegan: Arrowhead aside, MU simply better

I wasn't expecting to see anything in front of that 8 in your age, claire, let alone a 4. No one in Lawrence has shown any more excessive pride than any other university in any other city with any other team with any other good season--regardless of their opponents. You act like you've never been to a college town before.

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Successes in Iraq leave Democrats vulnerable

observar, neither RT nor the President are prime examples of a common Republican.

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Keegan: Arrowhead aside, MU simply better

Dear Claire and pity2bu,
The LJWorld has seen better trolls. Grow up and add something positive to the discussion or come up with something new to say that isn't completely transparent and an all-out lie, or at least something funny.

P.S., This community does not tolerate sniveling little fools who think they're the sh** because they spend hours on message boards picking fights and riling up the locals.

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Lawrence has genius for unreality

For the record, the people that started that Godsent B.S. weren't actually *from* Lawrence, they were passing through. It figures someone who stereotypes the entire city (incorrectly) would also associate any nut passing through as one of the city's own.

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