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Gay couples enter into civil unions

The arguments aren't baseless, Linen, yours are.

Neither side is going to convince the other side to switch opinions. There's no point in arguing with fools on the Internet, gayokay; they always win from experience.

I give up. I've had enough of the infantile name-calling, the bigotry--and there's bigotry here whether anyone denies it or not--I've had enough of the hypocrisy, and I've had enough being associated-albeit anonymously-with something that squanders real debate. I'm rescinding my account, you all have a nice day. I have better things to do with my life.

I joined here thinking I could participate in a real communities-wide discussion, since users from all over the country contribute. But there is no discussion, boy was I wrong.

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Gay couples enter into civil unions

You're comparing a loving relationship to being disabled and being a veteran? Your argument doesn't make sense.

You want justification for why gayokay and I should be allowed to *marry* the men we love? You want to know why just living together isn't enough? It's about us being entitled (and we are) to the same benefits and responsibilities held against any other married couple. Like paying taxes, inheritance rights, insurance, hospital visitation, gift registries at JC Penney and Sears. Some places in the country *do* grant ghosts of those rights, but they don't hold up even in the next town. More places deprive us of those rights than those that do.

I don't understand why people like you assume that just because a lot of people in the country don't take marriage as seriously as it should means that we won't take it seriously either.

Marriage doesn't have to be religious. I don't see why there is such a fuss about that. And calling a non-religious marriage a "civil union" doesn't hold the weight. Why? Because civil unions aren't required (like marriage) to be recognized across state lines. It's a new kind of separate but equal, and is ridiculous.

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Gay couples enter into civil unions

Exks, I wouldn't give RT that much credit in terms of being from a different generation. He's purposefully antagonistic towards other posters on this ridiculous forum. He may be mean-spirited, but he's toeing the line at 'bigot.'

RT, you and Dolly continue to distinguish yourselves among the users here. What with your original, thoughtful, ...wait I just can't lie anymore. You two, and STRS should all change your names to "non-thinkers", because absolutely none of your posts have demonstrated even a rudimentary ability for rational thought. You ask ignorant questions expecting real answers, and then when they are given to you, you ignore the answers and twist the truth into a lie to throw back in the faces of those who are trying to engage in a real debate.

Way to contribute to the evolution of thought.

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Gay couples enter into civil unions

Post Scores:
Rational free-thinkers: 201812723
Bigoted religious hypocrites: 0.

Dang. I'm waiting to be impressed with your original thoughts, STRS, Dolly, RT, Ronald, etc. I guess I'll be waiting a long time.

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Are you interested to see who wins the Iowa caucuses?

scott, I see we are an optimist.

Do I care about the caucus? No. I just care about rocking out with my caucus out--of sight, and of mind.

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Gay couples enter into civil unions

Gayokay, your last post was full of inappropriate words!!

Such as: "available" "progress" "into" "wife" "is."

I'm surprised at you and always expected you to be more mature than this. Piff. Mmm nothing like Playgirl. The working senator's...er, I mean, the working pastor's...I mean the working man's...nope. The working woman's Playboy! There we go.

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Gay couples enter into civil unions

Oh, by the way gayokay (my new hero) I already got my flatscreen HDTV for contributing to the deviance of children.

Gays 1, Christmas 0.

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Gay couples enter into civil unions

God I miss Reagan.

Ted Haggard for President.

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Gay couples enter into civil unions

To RonaldWilson: Photosynthesis isn't a form of reproduction. Get your facts lined up before you decide to continue posting pro-bigotry drivel. Homosexuality is a natural thing, and just because it isn't predominant doesn't necessarily make it undesirable. Glad I could clear that up for you.

To everyone: It'd be nice to see some namecalling that doesn't use the word "stupid" or "moron" because I've lost count how many times that appears on this board.

Oh, by the way, we gays want to force our beliefs on everybody else. Yeah. That's it. Because we're convinced, like you, that if you had to accept gay marriage, it'll destroy your own marriage, turn you gay, turn your kids gay, and kill your puppies, and burn your house down. We'll leave your cats alone, though. They're OK.

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Gay couples enter into civil unions

Way to be original, Bears. Such a unique thought, from such a unique person.

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