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BYU hoops deserves kudos

Brent, Thanks for calling me Dishonest or Senile. Really appreciate that. Truth is I knew the School was conservative and drugs and alcohol was forbidden. That didn't bother me as I am a conservative Christian person. I was never told that I would have to sign a honor code or go in front of an Honor Board. They made me cut my hair 3 times before it was short enough to be Accepted. You have to be approved by the Honor Board before each semester.

But the way you strike out in your comments to someone that tells the truth, reminds me of how I was treated and my religious views were criticized when it became apparent over time that I was not going to convert to Mormonism. I was encouraged to leave after 2 years by the Head Coach and the Athletic Director. As a Co Captain of the team I was told that my scholarship was not being renewed. That is the Truth. I had many friends there, they would tell you how unfairly I was treated. Thats all history I just came back to Kansas.

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BYU hoops deserves kudos

Okay I went to BYU 30 years ago. I am not a Mormon. The Honor Code is the same now. We felt like it was from the 50's then. I thought it was just another strict religion that limited certain things. Most Mormons want to get married and start a family ASAP. They are not supposed to have pre-marital sex, but stress it more than other religions, ie Catholics, Baptists, etc.

it is preferred to marry another Mormon,or to convert a non Mormon before marraige. They can't get married in the Temple if they are not both Mormon, this is a big deal, then your souls can be together forever it is believed.

We had several guys on the team already married, and one guy, a non Mormon, but not me, that fathered a kid with a student, he didn't get kicked out because she was from another country and went home to have the baby and the school never found out. But he was worried about it for his 2 years at the school.

I didn't know about the honor code when they were recruiting me. I had to sign it after I had signed with them and accepted an athletic scholarship. It also includes not drinking alchohol, caffiene or any illegal drugs, and keeping your hair cut similar to the military grooming standards. Back then the women were not permitted to wear a 2 piece bathing suit, and no women, not even your mothers were permitted in the mens dorms.

Pretty strict but everyone did what they wanted to do, just discreetly.

The suspended athlete may have been exposed, or his girlfriend wanted to clear her conscience and he didn't have a choice but to self report and take the consequences. If he denied it and was proven to have lied he would have been further shunned and kicked out of school for good.

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Duel of the century

There is no doubt that pitching puts a strain on the arm. In an attempt to get stronger he started a core training workout after the High School season. This seemed to make the soreness worse instead of better. After seeing the Dr. and on his advice Ryan was shut down for most of the summer as a precautionary measure. A MRI showed no injury, just swelling. Ryan has enjoyed being part of Free State Baseball Varsity program since he was a Freshman, we discussed how he felt daily, as did the coaches. He was not injured, just sore from the maximum output that is pitching.

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Duel of the century

I want to Thank everyone that has followed Ryan's Career and expressed concern for his current situation. This is his Dad, please allow me to give you my opinion. First of all the Coaches. Last year and this year they were in constant contact with us about Ryan. He did have the opportunity to pitch in alot of games last year, mostly due to injuries to other pitchers. None of these injuries were related to overwork. Ryan wanted to help his team be successful, the coaches or his parents would not have let him pitch if we felt he was injured. Coach Hill knew he was tired and took extra measures to give him rest between appearances.
His current situation appears to be a combination of training and lack of training. After a length of time resting his arm he rehabilitated and went to several camps over Christmas. Then concentrating on Basketball didn't continue to workout for baseball and lost much of his strength. He is regaining it now and looks forward to helping the team down the final stretch of the season.
I am glad that Landon is okay and hope for a speedy recovery. The rivalry between the schools in baseball has been tremendous. I can't agree with Coach Price more, he was quoted in Keegans column about how good High School Baseball is in Lawrence. I think the 2 best teams in the state last year were both in Lawrence. They played 3 Excellent games last year, and I expect the 2 this week will be just as good or better. Best wishes to both programs. Hope the weather holds up.

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Firebirds’ offense comes alive in win

LHS need to get over the Tradition thing. My daughter a FSHS grad said it best. "Our parents created your Tradition." My wife's Sisters and Brother Started for 7 State Title teams at LHS.

I am glad that now more kids get to participate in Varsity Sports with 2 High Schools and Competition brings out excellence. Good luck to both Schools. Work Hard to Create your Own Legacy.

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