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Koch influence present in school lawsuit

Union funding comes from the union members. You know, the members who attend four years of college to be eligible to earn $35,000 to teach 125 kids how to read, write, add, subtract, etc.

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Kansas tax act most regressive in nation

He needs no help.

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Lawrence school district told to spend savings

Put some of the money into the teachers' salary schedule. We lose too many teachers to neighboring districts because of low pay in Lawrence. We could fund the teachers' request this year and have money left over. Why should the district have such a large cushion in the first place?

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Lawrence district, teachers at odds over raises

If the district pays a set amount to a teacher for health insurance, how does the district save money when the premiums drop? Have the premiums dropped below the set amount the district pays its teachers? Also, does the district pay a set amount to the classified staff for health insurance?

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Golf tips from golf (tip) pro

Tom Keegan might not be a good golfer, but he has good taste in music. And that's the truth.

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Basketball recruit Angelo Chol to pick between KU, UNC and Arizona Thursday

The Hawks are not the best team in the nation and will not win the title. But, they are so much better than I thought they would be. Three huge holes to fill from last year's team, and the holes have been plugged mainly from last year's roster. Only Selby is new to the team, and he has played in slightly more than half the games. Considering all of the unforeseen circumstances surrounding this year's team, the Hawks have played sensationally. It is such a fun team to watch and root for. Having said that, there are more talented teams.

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Borders store in downtown Lawrence to close by end of April as part of bankruptcy; 27 to lose jobs

The Dusty Bookshelf on Mass is right around the corner from Borders with great prices. Support independent stores!

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Bruise cruise: Jayhawks win ‘chippy’ contest vs. Golden Bears

Marcus' flagrant foul will further his reputation as a dirty player. Last night's flagrant foul will alert future refs to watch his play very closely. Look for Morris to spend more time on the bench in future games in foul trouble due to his unnecessary, flagrant foul. And that's The Truth.

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Lawrence residents indicted on charges of growing marijuana

It's high time we decriminalize marijuana.

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