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Statehouse Live: Opponents of anti-union bill say it could shut down nearly all union political speech

You are misinformed if you believe that teachers pay a couple of thousand dollars a year in union dues. More like $500. Teachers prioritize their spending. Some join the NEA, some do not. Teachers contribute $20 to the NEA PAC, or they opt not to contribute. It's their choice. That's the truth.

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Hello, I am a teacher...and I am a thug

Thug you very much.

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Business, labor clash over bill aimed at restricting union politicking

Teachers have the option to withhold the money that goes to the NEA PAC.

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Efficiency task force to call for review of collective bargaining laws

Do you think the Lawrence school district is failing? Do you think the Lawrence teachers are overpaid?

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Lawrence High holds off Gardner-Edgerton in last seconds of playoff football thriller

Great high school football game. Very entertaining. Douglas County is looking strong!

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Brown, Holland trade verbal jabs over tax cuts, school funding, K-10 safety

Holland's message was clear and consistent: fund education to produce an intelligent citizenship that will create jobs and provide an intelligent workforce. Brown's message was less clear: cut taxes because two Eudora school board members told him to get rid of dead weight. Eliminate income taxes for business owners.
Holland responded when Republican Eudora mayor Scott Hopson asked for help. Brown did not, according to Hopson.
The contrast between the two was clear. Holland was calm and under control. Brown rambled and yelled.
There is a clear choice between the two and that's the truth.

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Teachers, district to meet with mediator about size of raises

The state currently has a $450 m surplus. That's the truth.

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