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KU's ‘Kiss Me Kate’ to bring ‘magic of theater’ to life

What a fun show! The cast was excellent and moving on the stage was a treat. Thank you, Mr. Staniunas.

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Retirement home residents sue Kobach over law requiring photo ID to vote

You can sue, but you might not win.

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Former Ottawa superintendent receiving full salary of $10,899 per month and benefits

$130,000 would pay for THREE teachers' salaries for a year. Three new teachers could be hired to reduce class size in the elementary schools and provide a better education for young students. This is an example of what Brownback was talking about when he said not enough money the state provides reaches the classroom. I'm guessing the Board will have a different composition after the next election, provided there are people running against incumbents.

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Opinion: Ottawa’s Ojeleye a star

Congrats to Semi on an outstanding season and career. Maybe this will be the year the Cyclones take the state crown, but Highland Park will be a huge obstacle.

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Democrats propose initiatives, criticize bills opposed by unions

When did the Dems dislike this idea?

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Democrats propose initiatives, criticize bills opposed by unions

How do the majority of Kansans take a pay cut when public unions "get their way?" Can you give specifics? What are you talking about when you use the phrase, "get their way?"

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Statehouse Live: Opponents of anti-union bill say it could shut down nearly all union political speech

You are misinformed if you believe that teachers pay a couple of thousand dollars a year in union dues. More like $500. Teachers prioritize their spending. Some join the NEA, some do not. Teachers contribute $20 to the NEA PAC, or they opt not to contribute. It's their choice. That's the truth.

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Hello, I am a teacher...and I am a thug

Thug you very much.

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Business, labor clash over bill aimed at restricting union politicking

Teachers have the option to withhold the money that goes to the NEA PAC.

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