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Letter: Not incompetent

President Obama stated that "this is not a contest with Russia". He also stated that he is not trying for "style points" in dealing with this crisis. His objective is to address the issue of chemical weapons and is not concerned so much as to who gets credit.

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Color Run

I suppose it is a good event. Breathing in corn starch dust in the middle of a drought just does not seem to be a good idea though. Hope nobody gets emphysema : ) Maybe they should think about throwing dyed water or something.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: A summer of softball socializing

Great article. The red beards are good. Proof that you can still play ball at 63 is amazing. This guy is still good at hitting and fielding.

The only thing I might add to parks and recreation. Is there any way they can water down the infield when it is so dry like it has been lately? Maybe use more clay than sand?

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Opinion: Syria reveals Obama incompetence

Nope. Maybe the former KBG thug came to the table because of pressure. Pressure of a possible military strike. So far not one bomb dropped and Russia is working as part of a coalition to confiscate these weapons. How is this bad?

This is the line we will get from the FOX propaganda network. They are gonna say Obama and the US are weak and indecisive. They are more concerned with image rather than results, and of course trying to make our president look bad. I see it coming a mile away.

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KU, Lawrence should strive to be a ‘giant redwood’

I agree with Mr Simons on local and KU issues : ) Usually disagree with him on National ones : )

O well. Nice article

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Opinion: U.S.-Syria policy must look beyond crisis

"The Kremlin saved Obama from public humiliation since he was almost certain to lose the vote"

Rubin is a good analyst. But here I disagree. Look at the quote above. Why are we worried about embarrassment? Why do we say, "The US will appear weak if we don't flex our muscles?" Why are we worried about image? This is flawed and shallow thinking. The same kind of logic that wastes human life and has caused un-repairable harm in most all of the places we stick our noses and intervene.

The US should not be concerned about image or embarrassment. The focus of our concern should be about the bottom line. The bottom line is confiscating these chemical weapons right now. This diplomatic chance offered is one that should be taken. I sure am glad that this administration is not listening to these beat writers.

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Opinion: U.S.-Syria policy must look beyond crisis

What you describe above is exactly why we need to stay out. You describe chaos that will never be solved by US military intervention. It would be insane to think we can effect change. Twelve years and probably 12 Billion dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan is proof enough for me right now.

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Opinion: Syria reveals Obama incompetence

Charles K is the last person I am going to listen to when it comes to foreign policy. These guys were wrong as can be about Iraq and Afghanistan and are continually wrong. Pat Roberts, Gingrich, all of them.

For proof, here is a clip of Charles K in 2003 on WMD and going into Iraq. If I am not mistaken, wasn't Pat Roberts involved in intelligence failures regarding WMD? How do these people still have jobs?

If you need further proof. I implore you to look-up "Newt Gingrich Libya Flip Flop", on YouTube. These guys are dishonest liars who peddle propaganda.

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Opinion: Syria reveals Obama incompetence

Knew this was a Krauthammer piece before I even opened.

We have a President who will not let his "red line" mandate cloud his judgment. We have a president who is outraged by the chemical attacks, but also wants to seek diplomatic means. He does not care so much as where the diplomacy comes. I don't care if it comes from Russia or if it comes from Santa Claus. Diplomacy is far better option.

I am glad President Obama is thinking about diplomacy and is using all sound judgment available before using a military strike and dropping bombs. This shows that he knows the consequences of a military strike and the severity of it.....and that it should be used only as a last resort. He is showing an open mind. Open to diplomacy. I am proud of our President.

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Roberts, Jenkins remain opposed to military strike against Syria

I'm with you except for the debt ceiling. Not raising it will at worst put the US treasury in default (this will take our struggling economy to a screeching halt). At best it will lower our credit rating and increase the interest we pay on our debt. We must not confuse the debt ceiling with debt and budget deficits. Two different things.

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