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Letter: Ineffective Congress

Also, more people will be buying coverage. This can only increase revenues for the insurance industry. This is good for the insurance industry because at current, many employers are dropping coverage because it is becoming more expensive to them as the pool shrinks.

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Saturday Column: As Obamacare kicks off, many questions remain

The congressional house is using ACA for political purposes and is using it to spread fear and division amongst us. This is very troubling because they are dividing us as a country.

They say that Obama Care will destroy the economy. This is a gross exaggeration. In fact, shutting down the government and using the debt ceiling as leverage is much more dangerous. If the US credit rating is lowered again.....this will be bad. We could very well expect another recession and a stock market crash.

It would be nice to work together again instead of resenting each other about politics. I am not sure congress has been this dysfunctional since 1860 or so.

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Letter: Preference for Putin?

America needs a president that "says", not one that "implies".

Tough crowd we are. God forbid we have a president that implies. Fact is, nobody can make a speech perfect. I'd rather have a speaker who is off the cuff and not worried about how his speeches will be translated by critics the next day. We all imply. You are asking the impossible.

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Letter: Ineffective Congress

Ineffective is an understatement. They are threatening to shut down congress and using the debt ceiling as a bargaining chip. This is very risky to us and could result in the 2nd downgrade of our debt, which before these antics was unprecedented.

A downgrade of our debt could increase the interest rate the treasury pays on debt, thus increasing our debt even more. It might also shake the financial institutions and Wall Street. This could result in a market crash.

To risk all of this, and for what? Because of the Affordable Health Care act? There is a lot of work to get done to improve a rebounding economy and this obstructionism is only slowing us down. The health bill is not perfect, but it is an improvement. I bet it is even opposed by folks it will benefit for having a lack of knowledge or not liking change.

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Letter: Preference for Putin?

Here is what President Obama said after the attack:

“No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for”

Technically you are correct. But it is also quite apparent what was implied though not specifically stated. Calling the President a liar is inaccurate. But there apparently is enough of an opening for critics to be playing a game of semantics and using this tragic event to win political points.

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Opinion: Who is Congress hearing?

I agree with you on some points. However, I like the single payer or public option idea. I don't like the idea that business should have to provide health care. A business should concentrate on running a business. Providing insurance is placing a burden on them. In this regard Single payer is actually pro-business (except if you are in the insurance biz).

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Saturday Column: Benghazi questions undermine Obama’s credibility

I followed the event last year and listened to several news reports that had qualified people with knowledge of the event (from that liberal NPR station albeit). My conclusion at the time was that it was a chaotic and tragic event. Some mistakes were made, but all practical/possible rescue options were immediately explored and I was satisfied that there was no intent to mislead the public when information was released.

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Saturday Column: Benghazi questions undermine Obama’s credibility

I could either do that, or watch the ballgame. I'm gonna watch the ballgame : )

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Saturday Column: Benghazi questions undermine Obama’s credibility

This reminds me of the birther issue. Evidently a certificate of live birth was not good enough for the birthers. That was because it was an electronic version of a birth certificate and not the actual signed original hard copy (which can be virtually impossible to get).

Now we have the latest scandal Benghazi. To my knowledge, I have been made aware of what happened via news and radio. This is what I recall hearing:

1) The Benghazi embassy was attacked
2) The white house and pentagon immediately began working on a rescue plan
3) It was determined that armed forces were not close enough to combat the attack, nor was there an option of a missile strike due to the close proximity of both good guys and bad guys
4) Because a military rescue was not an option, a CIA rescue was coordinated
5) The CIA did rescue some US officials, sadly, some lost there lives
6) In the aftermath of the attack, there was some confusion as to what the cause was and who initiated the attack
7) Some statements made by US officials were not accurate. There were various reasons for this
8) Regarding #7, I am satisfied that the confusion surrounding the event, including other simultaneous riots going on in other parts of the Mid-East, that there was no intent to deliberately misinform the public

But no doubt, this tragic event has created an event that can be used advantageously by political opponents. To me, this is where the falsehood lies.

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Letter: Not incompetent

And it ain't over yet. The Republicans are again going to risk sabotaging the US Treasury by threatening to not raise the debt ceiling. The hostages are the American people, and the ransom is the Affordable Care Act.

The impact this could cause to our treasury bonds rating, our stock market, the interest we pay on US debt, could all be disastrous. This to me is incompetence if not pure sabotage.

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