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Letter: Not representative

President Obama is leading. To cater to these Tea Partiers is acting against our constitution and our democracy. The ACA is law! Also what LCarol and wounded soldier said.

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More than 1,100 furloughed because of federal government shutdown, state officials say

So all of a sudden our democracy is a royal edict? Congress passed the ACA. I cannot connect your dots.

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Letter: Chaos in store

You should not negotiate with hostage takers. If so, then we encourage or enable these saboteurs to do this in the future. Every darn year we are going to have to go thru a shutdown crisis.

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Opinion: Who shut Johnny out of the parks?

The Republicans should try amending the law or repeal the law if they don't. like it. This is the way things work. This is our constitution. Instead they threaten us all with a shutdown.

What they are doing is reckless. They are willing to throw the whole darn game and go home, just because they don't like one call.

Our country is never gonna move forward with these knuckleheads in office.

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Letter: Future at stake

Just using a comparison. Trying to repeal the bill is what the Republicans should do. I don't support that, I just say that is the way our democratic system is designed. I believe the house congress is going counter to the intent of the constitution.

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Letter: Future at stake

And if the Republicans, don't like the ACA.....They should pass a bill to repeal it. You do not shut down the government at the peril of our economy, our health care, and the US dollar treasury rating. This is absurd.

Prohibition was not well liked. It was repealed. Government was not shut down. What caused us to change to this hostage taking and threatening approach?

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Letter: Courage lacking

If the Republicans do not like the ACA, they should propose legislation to repeal it. Then the House and Senate vote on it. This is how congress should "listen" to the American people. This is the law of the land, and how our constitution works.

You should not shut down the government and threaten the solvency of the US treasury by not raising the debt ceiling as way get what you want and to circumvent our system. This is down-right reckless.

This is the 2nd time we have gone through this. In 2011 our credit rating was reduced. Now we risk the same thing. Right now, this uncertainty is presenting an obstacle to our recovering economy.

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Cans for the Community a nonprofit like nowhere else

Nice folks and good program.

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Opinion: Boehner’s loss of control sad to watch

The ACA is not really that big of a deal. The R's are using it as a device to obstruct, and to the peril of us all. We very well could have reached the point that our credit rating will be downgraded again like it was in 2011. The last time, the reason was the dysfunctional congress. If this happens we will likely see the interest rate on our debt load increase. This will be very bad. Not very fiscally conservative is it?

Again the ACA is not to big a deal. I just looked at my own booklet.....300+ pages. Man we can sure bog ourselves down by making things way more complicated than they need to be.

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Letter: Preference for Putin?

Sure, I guess if we are not biased. I get your point.

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