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50 from De Soto treated for food poisoning during East Coast band trip

What bacteria caused the outbreak?

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Spring Hill High School football player dies after collapsing during game

This event is one of many that are really causing a concern for the sport of football this year. With the boy here in Lawrence who is without a leg and the new regulations in the NFL, it’s almost as though fate in and of itself is rebelling back against the choices of men in sports. How many people die or obtain life altering injuries every year from football? How many obtain life threatening injuries every year from football?

I believe, in order to keep the sport going, these statistics should be readily available to the students by their coaches and parents every year. If it still becomes a problem, it,s going to be left to the old phrase, everyone has their choices in life.

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Detour set for Thursday to fill potholes on McDonald Drive

Potholes... mother nature's way of saying "STOP DRIVING DAMN IT!"

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Heat kills hundreds of Kansas cattle

We should stop using animals as our slaves. If the cattle had the option to roam freely, I gurantee their instincts would of said get the hell out of Kansas asap. We are a greedy race though.

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Two men seriously injured in accident north of Lawrence

If people really cared about the oil spill they would stop driving. If you stop driving then you don't have car accidents. If car accidents go away the death rate drops by a lot. Karma and Fate do exist... the fact that there are so many car accidents is a warning sign that we are damaging the planet and the planet is fighting back. How could this be? Collect Conciousness and the fact that we live on a sentient being. Doubt me? Prove me wrong so that I know the facts :)

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Lawrence man warns of antibiotic side effects

I hope that people will learn soon that they should visit naturopaths and herbalists rather than PhD'ed doctors who spent way too much money learning medicine that does not work. Look up Dr. John Raymond Christopher. He more than likly could of cured this man's intestines as well as made his diet nutritious enough where Professor Redd could achieve any biking and hiking goals he had.

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Statehouse Live: Parkinson delays last call on cheap drinks; puts brakes on new alcoholic beverage pricing policy

How about this... make alcohol very expensive and reduce the cost of organic foods. Nutritious things = cheap Poison = expensive lets not confuse that philosophy people. We need to have a bold statement to the general public that they pay high dollar for their ridiculous deaths.

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First lady calls on NAACP to help fight childhood obesity

Translation "We're sorry for feeding you poison. Please, stop eatting the poison. It might taste good but you're forgeting we are killing you. Enjoy your laws. Love, the presidency."

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Federal officials again raid Lawrence store at center of K2 controversy

I think they are mad because I can buy a cheaper allergy remedy at sacred journey then any of their artificial and bad for you over the counter pills which are subject to be covered in animal parts.

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South Lawrence Trafficway could get boost from highway bill Parkinson signed Tuesday

Shouldn't we be thinking of alternatives to the roadways and cars? I mean, is the oil spill not a HUGE sign that we are messing this world up with this addiction we have? I would like to have an intervention with Human Society.

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