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Bond set at $500,000 for man accused in brutal attack on bike path

We teach our kids to travel in pairs or even more. I beleive young adults and the old we all need to travel in pairs. Just to stay safe. This town and this world is out of control.

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Amyx becomes 4-time mayor

I would love to see an grocery store on the north side of Lawrence. We do not live in Lawrence but my wife used to drive to Your town to shop, but it has become harder and longer to get across town she won't go there anymore. She will go to Leavenworth or Kansas City. So if they would put more business in north of town I beleive it could make it. It just need to be the right kind of business. Like what is on the south side of town. Just a thought.

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Parkinson signs statewide smoking ban into law

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Smoke-free state

Boy, there is a lot of do gooders in Lawrence. I'm glad that I do not live or do business in Lawrence. You have your noses so high in the air how could you smell any cigarette smoke.

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When will we get our first snow?

November 26th, if its not then... it will be December 15th.

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Tonganoxie man killed in motorcycle accident

People just don't pay attention to motorcycles. They need to be more aware of their driving!! Get your heads out of your a## and watch what you are doing! The comment about most of the bikes are black and the riders wear black is a poor excuses for those of you that don't pay attention to how they drive!!

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How will you remember Michael Jackson?

I beleive Michael Jackson had a very hard life. He was in the public eye at the age of 6. No one can know what kind of life this man had or didn't have. I don't know if he did what he was accused of but... he was a big part of peoples lives though his songs. Black and White was my favorite. Its sad! He was a once in a life time artiest!

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Random drug testing of welfare recipients approved

This is great. I had to take a drug test to get my job. The only thing is what about the kids. The parents are tested and the government stop the welfare assistance then who is going to take care and feed these kids that are born into these families. I don't like to see my taxes going to support someones drug habits. But I not for letting a child to go hungry or homeless. What happens to the kids?

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Tonganoxie mayor apologizes for van work

Come on this councilwomen is the best thing that could of happen to the city. She doing her job! Why come down on her. As far as the City Mayor goes he needs to do his job. Maybe the mayor not as honorable as you think. Maybe if the readers would Google Michael Vestal go to page 5 and look at LJworld/Discussion on chat with Tonganoxie Mayor Mike Vestal and see what egirl8250 has to say about the Tonganoxie Mayor, I wonder if he knows a girl named Dawn Marie Flewelling? If he did what she said shame on him and if it not true shame on her.

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Tonganoxie mayor apologizes for van work

Ladyb- I also live in the town of Tonganoxie and I do believe that the other spineless council members do recieve complaints but there special interest gets in the way of doing anything about it. I do believe your right when you say help thy neighbor. The city crew could have done the van work after city hours, on there own time. Im sure the city had alot of work that could have been done while they were over there being a good neighbor!

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