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At what age do you think you will retire?

Never, not by my choice... but by our government... they have screwed thing up for the American People!! So who can afford to retire?.

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Excessive heat warning extended to Sunday evening; temperatures climb highest so far this year

It's so hot you could get fried catfish out of the pond today!

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Hundreds rally against closing SRS office

You might be a bozo but I agree with you 100% I'm sick of all this Sh#t. We pay alot of taxes.. but we seem to be able to bail all the weathy banksters and foreign countries out but the hell with the hard working poor people that live in our country!

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Hundreds rally against closing SRS office

We give Billions of dollar to other countries to help them out... but the thought of trying to help our own people.. it is unthinkable! What is wrong with this picture?

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One person killed in rollover accident on U.S. Highway 59, south of Pleasant Grove Hill

Thank you Candi, Terry was a very good person and his kids were his whole world. Terry will be missed and his family will be in my prayers!!!

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McLouth student Justin Johnston shot, killed on school trip to Costa Rica; classmates returning to Kansas

You didn't sneak out because no one wanted to hang out with you. In Tongie!

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Tonganoxie mayor resigns in wake of obscene e-mail scandal

I would guess the phones in Tongie that the cops have is their own.They don't have money to buy phones for them cops, but hay they waste money all the time. I would be more interested in taking that city computer that the Mayor has and just seeing what he has been up to. This little e-mail is probably just the tip of it!

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‘No’ to tax levy

If you wanted to make big bucks you shouldn't have studied to be a teacher. you should have chosen a different career path.

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Lawrence Jaycees prepare for Fourth of July fireworks display

I think the JCs do a wonderful job. The city "tax payers" didn't put up one cent to help with the show. We go to watch it every year and enjoy it every time. So Thank you JCs for your time and efforts and your money out of your own pockets. The city is lucky to have this organization in the city. Thank you

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Would you report your neighbor to the city for not mowing his or her lawn?

If everyone would take the time that they spend worrying about what their neighbor is doing or not doing and just help each other out this town would be a better place to live.
Quit being the little brother and running to tattling on everyone. Try being the grown-up! Talk to your neighbor and help them out.

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