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Analysis group believes new tax plan could ruin Kansas

I do this every single paycheck. I pay state taxes to an education system I no longer use, but will pay into so long as I live in Kansas. And I'm happy for it. I want children, even if I won't have any of my own, to be educated and ready for the world.

This is about making society better for everyone. Private organizations won't do it when there is no profit in it.

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Letter: Power of prayer

Ah yes, the trials and tribulations argument.

God must really have it out for Africa.

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Not better off

To take a word from other posters - "Please don't confuse the Neocons with facts"

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Not better off

Far-left: The far left seeks the creation of strong or complete social equality in society and the dismantlement of all forms of social stratification. It seeks to abolish all forms of hierarchy, particularly to end unequal distribution of wealth and power. The far left seeks the complete equalization of the distribution of wealth, and a society where in theory everyone is to be provided with equal economic and social opportunities in life and where no one will have excessive power or wealth over others.

I must've missed that part when Obama bailed out banks, and automakers. Weird way to equalize wealth and power

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Not better off

Feel free to pay for my monthly premiums.

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Not better off

I'm making more than I've ever made. The Iraq war which took years of my father's, my wife's and my own life is over. the economy has grown every quarter since Q1 2010. My family, friends and other assorted loved ones has better access to healthcare.

Pretty good improvement in my opinion.

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Evolving plan

Careful saying evolving around here.

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Are increased fines needed to slow down traffic along K-10?

I love the idiots who are in such a rush they won't let me get into the right lane and instead barrel by me when I try to get over. That's safe

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City leaders approve plans for library expansion

Where are the all the supporters of the library now that we have a plan drawn up?

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Town Talk: Chick-fil-A rumors growing in Lawrence; library nears $1 million fundraising goal; downtown LED lighting project to be expanded

I don't care if Chik-Fil-A is a secret terrorist front. I want my chicken

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