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Homeless count numbers show few changes in Douglas County

Being a probation officer and dealing with more homeless, drunks and drug users than you can shake a stick at.

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Homeless count numbers show few changes in Douglas County

No, they are considered financial success stories by Ks Legislature because they don't have to pay to keep their sorry carcasses in prison no matter what crimes they committed.

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Homeless count numbers show few changes in Douglas County

They're reasons for homeless chart appears fishy. Only 15 people blame alcohol and 13 for drug abuse, that equals 28 people total seems low and it appears they separated the two, to make substance problems not so big. I'm sure this was all self reported by the homeless so it's not exactly based on fact. I see unemployment as the biggest reason at 53 divorce at 27. In my experience drug and alcohol abuse is the cause for losing a job and being divorced.

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Freshmen Republicans in the House don't like options provided so far from their leaders

These neocon republicans sure send mixed messages. We need smaller government, but they can't pass a budget in the mean time spending more money going over 90 days while giving legislative employees a raise every year for the 4 years and will probably get another one this year. While not giving state employees a raise for the past 5 years and closing courts house state wide. Mean while they cut budgets that send less convicted Felons to prison, while letting more out of prison unsupervised, while reducing the level of supervision for felony DUI offenders.

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Club Magic manager says he's trying to turn around a new business at an old, and troubled, location

I say keep them open so the police can be at the door running everyone for warrants. I you want to stay open prove to the community they're kind of music and club doesn't attract criminals.

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KDOT bridge projects on U.S. 56 causing headaches

They blocked it off on the 18th a Thursday before the weekend and still no work being done.

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Police cite 46 in Monday night seat belt enforcement

This is a crap law. Traffic laws are for public safety, let people make a decision for themselves, this law is made only to get inside your vechicle.

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Kansas law aimed at gang crime signed

This law defines ALEC and the Koch Brothers perfectly. Especially the coercing others to do illegal acts part. Mr. Blowsalot sure has his mouth working overtime lately.

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Sound Off: Yankee Tank dam

Since the lake is not public, then those few houses that rec'd government welfare needs to sign an agreement to never speak badly of those that receive traditional welfare. You know the ones they say that just sit around using drugs all day on their dime.

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Democrats criticize Brownback over comments made in national radio address

How can you trust any numbers Brownshirt uses, he was only 2 billion dollars off when bragging about how much he saved the state last year. If he could he and Rep Peck would shot the middle class and the poor like ferral hogs.

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