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City leaders want to meet with Indian tribe over future of North Lawrence land

Wow, the city will hand over $750,000 to the homeless shelter that produces nothing, but crime. Ask the home owner directly east of the shelter. But when a taxable, money revenue making business wants to develop land NORTH of LAWRENCE CITY LIMITS they want to stop it at every turn. Probably will call up US Troops and relocate them again.

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Government shutdown produces automated calls from Democratic Party group targeting Jenkins, Yoder

You mean the coporate welfare receiving millons in tax breaks as the private sector that Biden tax payees as well.

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New units required for over-capacity prison population, officials say

I'm tired of people commenting that prisons are full of drug users. Poss of felony drugs is never a presumptive prison sententence unless the have 2 or more convictions for person felonies or were already on felony probation/parole when they committed the offense. They get sent to prison for violating their probation time and time again. Its a lame excuse by uninformed liberals to blame government. Our current republican legislature is allowing more and more high risk offenders to stay on the streets with low supervision requirements and
Less consequences for violating probation. The republicans shut down low risk KDOC facilities to save money for one year, but end up costing more in the years ahead.

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City commissioners struggle with how to deal with state's concealed carry law

Skull is making fun of those that want to carry for their own protection, comparing the chance of being shot to the same chances of being hit by lighting. In comparsion you have a better chance of being killed by a bee than by a terrorist, but people like you have no problem letting the federal government take all your privacy away with no regard to the constitution.

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Transit officials steer Missoula visitors in the right direction

No sales at all in Montana and their roads are better. Brown stain would cry himself to sleep there.

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Armed employees could invalidate school districts’ insurance policies

Guess the insurance company can afford to be sued when a teacher is hurt or killed because they were not allowed to protect themselves.

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Teachers reach contract agreement with Lawrence district

As a state employee I've had pay cut by 3% with no raise for the past 5 years with the same required education. Oh by the way 1/2 my dept's budget does not come from taxes. What the legislatures spent on the renovation of the capital would have funded us for 3 years.

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Regents blast higher education budget cuts approved by Legislature, say tuition will increase, call on Brownback to veto portion of cuts

Rep Marc Rhoades is an online professor for Phoenix University. That shows what his standard for education should be. He hates all state employees and wishes they would all disappear.

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Lawrence police write 586 tickets in 2013 Click it or Ticket campaign

Seat belts are a personal decision, they are not a public safety issue. Just another over reaching government law made by well funded lobbyist.

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National Interfaith Power and Light president and founder speaks in Lawrence

Didn't know they had CO2 meters in place thousands of years ago, who knew.

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