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One police officer accused of fixing traffic tickets no longer a city employee; second officer still on suspension

There are a lot of supporters for this guy. If you are all correct in explaining this guy's character, and he is one of the "good cops", imagine what the "bad cops" are getting away with in this town. To Be Continued.....

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Opponents ask city to dump, alter trash plan

You can't force your citizens to pay for a service that is available for free. Trash service is one thing. Obviously I will choose your pick up service over being charged $25 to dump myself (even though you control the rate i pay like the mafia). Recycling though can be done for FREE in this town. If you want to make your service optional and offer a competitive rate...go for it. Once again you can not force on us a less than adequate "pay for recycling" service when there are free options accepting more recyclables than your service will. If you can't even offer to pick up the same recyclables I can drop off in bins all around town. let alone Wal-Mart, your service is useless. You really think services like this will play a selling point to the senior citizens you are begging to move here anyway?

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Missing student Aisha Khan found safe

Everyone of her friends knew. Too many people looked at this the wrong way. If the world wasn't so stuck on stoopid, anyone could have figured this for what it was...a slacker teenager avoiding their finals.

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Missing student Aisha Khan found safe

As she falsely claimed to be harassed by a drunken bum and then disappears while her pictures is all over the news. No difference? The runaway bride did not announce those things until the media caught up to her and she was scared. She too was an adult deciding to walk away and take a brake only did not start off with a cry for help like this young lady did. I bet she will even have an opportunity to make up her finals. Had this been anyone else creating just as lame of an excuse to get out of the test, no second chances or at least -20% off the top.

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Owner of recycling business wants green light from city

Good luck getting the city of Lawrence to give up their racket. Especially when they are about to expand it without a vote (business as usual). You would be better off negotiating your fee with the owners to then offset their cost by adding it to the rent. It would just be another luxury they could brag about in their marketing to get residents.

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District learns from bomb threat notification delays

Nobody said somebody said. Did you grasp the fact that a message did get sent out? The complaining is that most parents found out on Facebook before they got an "official" notification. The answer is big deal! The kids were safe. They were high school age so they should know right from wrong by now and know to call their parents and inform them they have the day off. The school district doesn't need to waste resources catering to the news overloaded parent addicted to Twitter.

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District learns from bomb threat notification delays

Again some people just like to complain. To the complainers: So you believe someone should take an extra 10 minutes sitting in the building and make sure a message is sent out to you while there is a legitimate bomb threat in place? So your kids deserve to be evacuated but someone has to take one for the team right? Half of you have your home phone # listed anyway and you are at work, or driving around with your cell. Get over it. They got the kids out safely...that is what matters most!

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City: New rec center should be $15 million investment

If this is really being considered as an "investment", shouldn't there be market research done? Shouldn't that research include the competition? With plenty of free options in Lawrence, the ease of owning enough equipment to work out at home, and the fact that we already have 3 city ran facilities along with outdoor rec areas, and the high schools and University have their own high end facility....this investment is insane. Now look at how many other private gyms have come and gone over the last 10+ years. Even YMCA has to stop and think about whether the market can sustain one of their units. Behind the curve? Deadman's curve.

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Brownback sets up meetings across state to discuss child poverty

The link dies. You have to search for Brownback. Should keep you busy.

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