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Professor getting death threats over NRA tweet, colleagues support his free-speech rights

Everyone is entitled to their free speech. But you are also entitled to the consequences of that free speech.

If I walk into my Jewish boss's office and say, "I wish the Nazi's won WW2 because I hate Jewish people," then I'd probably be fired. Now, what I said was protected by free speech, but that doesn't mean I get to say what I want, when I want, and my boss has no recourse. This is especially highlighted when you are an ambassador of your company to it's clients. e.g. A professor to their students. If a professor says something, many will take it as the University's position, even if it is profoundly stupid.

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Kansas U.S. House delegation votes for bill to cut $39 billion in food stamps over 10 years

How about we cut some military spending instead of feeding Americans spending.

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Little bookstore that could

When I go into Hastings, I see a bunch of way overpriced junk.

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Bicyclist injured in accident

The tragedy is the person having to live with killing someone, not the person dying?

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Pumpkin patch designs draw outrage from neighbors

My initial thought was, what could be so bad about a pumpkin patch. Then I read about pumpkin cannons, zip lines, a giant parking lot, and late night music and understood why people don't want the dump around.

"such as closing all entrances and exits whenever a child is reported lost and not allowing anyone to enter or leave until the child is found."

Yea, that's false imprisonment, and probably a fire code violation depending on the sort of dividers you have keeping people in and out.

However, I don't really buy the argument about being a pedophile magnet. You could say that about every single business, event, attraction that is designed for children. Should we lock our kids up until they're 18 to protect them from pedophiles? Maybe you should make the argument that UV rays cause skin cancer so the fact that a pumpkin patch is inherently an outdoor attraction means the city should veto the move.

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Drug-related home invasions on the rise in Lawrence

So your position is let people rob you and we'll all be happy?

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Church battles local hunger with food fight

The food they used in the event was the cost of the event. It attracted attention, and garnered food donations for a good cause.

It's no different than an organization giving someone an iPod for raising $1000 for a charity. That shirt cost money that could have gone to the charities cause, but was an incentive to get the person to raise more money. The food fight was a cheap, fun event to bring attention to the cause. Like hiring a local band. What they spent that $100 on doesn't really matter, because it would have been spent on something. You want to get up in arms about waste, go protest government subsidies for farmers to let crops rot, or not plant fields.

By the way, how much food donation did you gather this week with your superior methods? I'm guessing about 2600 lbs less than this event did. But you keep acting high and mighty, criticizing people who are actually doing some good in the community while you do nothing.

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Young people fought a messy food fight featuring ketchup, mustard, flour, mashed potatoes and water

Next we'll see the Community Blood Center having water gun fights, but with blood instead of water, to raise awareness about blood shortages.

Kidding aside, good cause. Raised food that wouldn't have been raised otherwise by using less food than gets wasted in an afternoon at a restaurant.

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Drunken-driving enforcement campaign ends with 18 DUI arrests

"429 vehicle stops, not including the stops during the DUI checkpoint

18 DUI arrests, including the 12 made in the DUI checkpoint"

That's 6 DUI arrests from 429 vehicle stops. 1.4% of the vehicles pulled over during the stop drinking & driving campaign had drunk drivers. Now, I don't know if these are the numbers attributed solely to the campaign, or are the numbers from all vehicle stoppages (regular hours + overtime) during that 2-week "month long" campaign, but 6 arrests seems pretty low if they're specifically targeting drunk drivers. I would think you could stop that many people every weekend night downtown or in the fraternity/sorority areas.

That said, glad there were no incidents or injuries. Thanks for putting in the extra hours LPD.

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