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KU linebackers facing new schemes

Is this the scheme where you are supposed to tackle someone?

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Be prepared

I assume you don't get it.
That is not what this is about.
Yes, you need to work, period.
Most "gopsters' work.
Most unemployed, those that refuse to work are Dems. They know where their meal ticket will be punched at.

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Be prepared

Things like unsubstantiated backpain, fibromyalgia, and migraine headaches just cannot be a reason not to work and be responsible for your healthcare.
My wife suffers from terrrible migraines. Yet she works, makes a good wage, pays for her healthcare and rarely calls in sick.
Sometimes life isn't fair. You have to buck up and power through these things. You have to play the cards you are dealt, and not just fold 'em and let everyone else take care of you.

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Be prepared

The whole point of my posts about Nurses's salaries was merely to counteract the nurses on here (Cait48 et al) who claim they don't make much money. Who say they don't do it for the money. Bull. We can't have an honest debate when major players are dishonest, and won't admit that they are in it for the money, and the main thrust of their concerns are for their pocketbooks. The ANA sold out years ago, and is all about themselves. This is due to poor, myopic leadership that is supported by Nurses.
The ANA is a seriously cut throat organization.
We need to fix health care. But this ain't it. We need something that has been debated by the people, not something that has been forced down everyone's throat.
One place you are going to have to start is simply making people own their healthcare, and making them work for it. Not a free ride to everyone that simply will not work.
The fraud and abuse in medicaid is mind boggling.

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Be prepared

Don't know what happened to my post.
So here goes again.
Experienced RN's where I work make about $30.00/hr. That is about $65,000.00/yr. With voluntary overtime, and shift differentials, that can EASILY turn into well over $70-$75 K per yr.
Charge RN's I know, and worked with just last night make in excess of $90,000.00/yr.
APRN's, depending on how many clients they see, can make about $120,000.00/yr.

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Be prepared

RN's START, with no experience at over $21.00/hr. Fact. I know them and work with them.

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Be prepared

Experienced RN's where I work make base pay of $28.00-$32.00/hr. That my friends is right around $65.000.00 a yr. Add voluntary overtime, and shift differentials to that, and you can easily make well into the 70s.
Charge RNs I know personally make close to $90,00.00 a yr. sometimes more.
APRN's depending on the number of clients they see, can easily do over $120,000 a yr. This is fact.

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Be prepared

I too woik in the healthcare industry. I have since 1979. I have worked with many nurses, both good and really bad.
One thing I know for sure is that the ANA is concerned with one thing. Money. Money for themselves and forget everyone else.
My brother is an APRN. He was the third one in the entire State of Kansas if memory serves.
He has read all 1,000 + pages of this bill. He says: "Be afraid, be very afraid."
And he does not like or trust the ANA due to their selfish dishonest obfuscations and lies. They really don't care about healthcare. Just running everyone else out of business, so they can have it all.

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Amateur and professional brewers work together to celebrate American Craft Beer Week

And congratulations to the Blind Tiger in Topeka for recently winning the Gold Cup in the World Brewing Competition.

Like a lot of micro-breweries, they make some fine suds. The food's good too.

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Cardiologist — and many others — offer help to 11-year-old entrepreneur who fell victim to theft

You really are an insensitive idiot aren't you?

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