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I disagree with Inga0209, I have no idea where she thought she was but this place has bailed me out when I didn't have the money to pay for new tires. The customer service was great, I am always in and out and they don't try to take advantage. I would send my Grandmother there and that speaks volumes.

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This is the BEST Asian dining I have ever had! The food is very good, the price is excellent and I can not say enough about the customer service this place has. I have had many different waiters and waitresses and they are all on the same accord. Ask for Daniel he was amazing! This place is fun and knows exactly what customer service means. I eat there once a week now. Applause!!

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Lawrence woman files lawsuit against Lawrence Wal-Mart alleging sexual harassment

This is U.S.District court not civil court, that is why the name was not released.

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Free State's A'Liyah Rogers (4) sails past Kionna Coleman on the way to the basket during Lawrence H

A'Liyah is an amazing athlete! Her mother was the very same way!! I am a Lion at heart but love to see the success of these talented kids no matter what school they attend!!! Good job Liyah!

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Sudden impact: Just a freshman, PG Justin Roberts big hit for Lions

He is just a kid...Did he ask LJworld to do a story on him...noooooooooooo. He is an amazing player and to be honest why don't you quit hating and watch these young kids play. It will shock you. The older classmen are NOT on the same level with this young man at all or they would be in his shoes. Give this ball player a chance it's not LHS and KU at all. It is Justin putting the ball in the hole where it belongs!! Go LHS!

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Trey-mendous: Was-it-or-wasn’t-it 3 lifts LHS

I have watched all of the home games and this kid is an athlete. He steps up during crunch time he plays very unselfish, if he is open what is the harm in taking the shot?! Congrats KJ love your game!

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Trey-mendous: Was-it-or-wasn’t-it 3 lifts LHS

Well said martyks! That is what the ref is paid for. The coach is there to coach, you win some, you lose some. The burden is on the other coach to convince the refs this was a 2 not a 3. Coach Lewis is a superb coach and I can't wait for my son to learn from him. He knows the game as you can see....

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Lawrence man, 27, dies after truck runs over him in Kansas City, Mo.

What a tragedy! So sorry Bianca for your loss. May God Bless you and your family!

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Apologies issued

Marion you suck on so many levels. You are about the most idiotic person with the most boring comments ever. What is a Marion? I will tell you a couch potato that has nothing better to do but talk about people she knows nothing about.

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Account of tavern shooting given

LOL I think the detects should pick all of these commenters up who know so much and hold them all for questioning and see what they think of blogging the untruth then. LaTouche my brotha, my love to you and glad to see you are back!

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