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Apologies issued

Marion you suck on so many levels. You are about the most idiotic person with the most boring comments ever. What is a Marion? I will tell you a couch potato that has nothing better to do but talk about people she knows nothing about.

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Account of tavern shooting given

LOL I think the detects should pick all of these commenters up who know so much and hold them all for questioning and see what they think of blogging the untruth then. LaTouche my brotha, my love to you and glad to see you are back!

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Shots fired outside Cross Town Tavern; police looking for suspect

lol@gcc14r...You are absolutely correct. The problem has always been there even when Steffes was in business downtown. Now it is more noticable. Close the place down!!

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Uninsured Lawrence family determined to rebuild childhood home after fire

Shannan is an amazing mother and friend. My prayers continue to go out to her and her family.

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Acorn shortage could drive squirrels nuts

Even the squirrels are affected by the economy...sheesh

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Lawrence's Amarr Garage Door Group laying off about 100 employees

lol@Robert Marble...All I can do is laugh at such pathetic comments. Just me I believe we are among the blessed ones not to still be there pondering from day to day rather we still have a job. I am back in the job force and pray that everyone who has had to deal with these people find the same.

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Man of all trades: Lawrence film standout — and former KU football player — takes act to classroom

My son has been fortunate to have Keith work with him in football. The guy is an excellent roll model for children and has a great rapport with the kids and parents. With today's economy if he had to work in a club to take care of house and do the math.

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Lawrence's Amarr Garage Door Group laying off about 100 employees

Excuse me Robert? I am not even going to comment on your ignorance. I just hope someone like you does not work with the public...

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Two sentenced in plot to kill drug informant

Obviously the person with the 60 years has more criminal history under her belt, therefore everything weighed heavy on her...probaly ol Kyle was some flunky, and was afraid himself!

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1 dead, 4 injured in south Lawrence car wreck

Pywacket I absolutely admire you!

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