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Child on bike hit by car at Sixth and Rockledge in critical but stable condition

Melanie, you hit the nail on the head. The bus system needs to change our city is growing and more traffic is present. Intersections are busier and with construction everywhere it makes it difficult to travel for adults let alone young children who must get to and from school. God bless this family.

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Kansas Guard soldiers deployed to west Africa to help fight Ebola

One question Clara. What happens when Ebola is in the States threatening the health of you and your loved ones? Would it be appropriate then? We must fight this on the ground. This is not a West Africa issue. It is a world issue. Nobody is immune to this and we must attack it where it is most prominent. I applaud these efforts. Just my opinion and I also respect yours.

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Police vote haunted by rec center

The station off of K10 is not that old. Why did they not get it right the first time?

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City to consider closing portion of New Hampshire Street to accommodate building project

Really? Don't you think we are detoured enough? I agree with Mr. Heckler the business owners will suffer. This whole town is a disaster area.

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Lawrence touts benefits of proposed police headquarters project at forum

How about fix all of the detours and construction you already have going on first! Why is the jail so far away from the city in the first place? Now you need another one closer? Am I missing something?

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Teens plead not guilty to attempted aggravated robbery charges

Fred, I think you are missing her point. Don't play tough guy games with kid antics. My hope is that they will spend lots of time in JDC where they will be mandated to behave and attend school rather they want to or not. I worked for Deb at LHS and she was the best at her craft as I am sure you were.

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Four men charged in Thursday morning burglaries in Lawrence

I appreciate the advice. My friend was burglarized because she left her garage door opener in her car unlocked. It was scary. Great advice!

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Man leads police on car chase, escapes on foot

Love how it's mentioned this was a stolen vehicle yet further along the vehicle becomes " his vehicle".

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A man was killed when the motorcycle he was riding was involved in an accident with a car near the i

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megabear: ** BTW....seems to me that inga0209 was a bit hars...

I absolutely agree. This little hidden jewel has been very kind to me I don't go anywhere else.

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