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I went in for an eyebrow wax on 09/17/16 and asked for my brows to be cleaned up at the bottom and I want my natural arch. What does the stylist do? Practically shave my entire eyebrow off! Arch was gone and they are so thin that I have contemplated crying. They are horrific. I should have stuck with Sue she is professional and listens to the clients needs. I am so disappointed.

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Lawrence High sophomore earns perfect ACT score

Congratulations to this young man!

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Lawrence man faces felony charges after police said he brandished a firearm

I agree Mary. Great observation!

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South Middle School assistant principal to retire

Happy Retirement Mr. Harrod! Hands down the best assistant principal in the district!

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Letter: Gas prices

Last night in Topeka I filled up for $2.04!!! Lawrence is the highest among this area. Everyone should fill up elsewhere and not buy gas in Lawrence for awhile. I am sick of being told this is a "college town".

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All I can say is the food is amazing! The staff is friendly and Simon is the best cook! We had a bad experience at another Japanese restaurant and they more than made up for it! I will patronize this place again!

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Our cook had nasal drip and it dripped into the food on the grill. There was another party whom we did not know sitting with us so I politely got our waitress and stated we could not eat the food. They were extremely apologetic but he should not have been cooking if he was ill. I will never go back.

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Child on bike hit by car at Sixth and Rockledge in critical but stable condition

Melanie, you hit the nail on the head. The bus system needs to change our city is growing and more traffic is present. Intersections are busier and with construction everywhere it makes it difficult to travel for adults let alone young children who must get to and from school. God bless this family.

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Kansas Guard soldiers deployed to west Africa to help fight Ebola

One question Clara. What happens when Ebola is in the States threatening the health of you and your loved ones? Would it be appropriate then? We must fight this on the ground. This is not a West Africa issue. It is a world issue. Nobody is immune to this and we must attack it where it is most prominent. I applaud these efforts. Just my opinion and I also respect yours.

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Police vote haunted by rec center

The station off of K10 is not that old. Why did they not get it right the first time?

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