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Trash talk takes a turn: Plans for bills based on usage studied

We have this in Tonganoxie through Defenbaugh (sp?) - it works very nicely. We can put out yard waste in the proper bags any time and any large item will be picked up on the 1st trash day of the month w/o additional fees. There is no curbside recycling but large containers at a central location. We recycle milk jugs, and cardboard/chipboard there. Paper goes to the elementary school program and soda cans we bring to the Haskell street recycling to get a few bucks each month. We should do tin cans and glass but have run out or room. :-) We have never had to buy a bag tag, even at the holidays and we have 3 children.

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Push to privatize is on the table

wow - have to wonder if certain people who have posted have even had any sort of contact w/ the privatized child welfare system in Kansas. Seems like folks talking out of their rear to me, or possibly a parent whose had their kiddo removed - those folks are never happy with the system no matter how hard you try to help them...

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K-State wins by not losing

Wow - you have to love it when a local sports writer tries to make excuses for the home team's loss by putting down the other team. People need to just face facts - Coach Snyder is an amazing coach, he is so likable and "put together" people want to do well for him - in fact during his first coaching go-round at K-State the players called him Daddy Bill. I've read about Coach Mangino and did not get the same impression...

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Officials take action after Tonganoxie 9-year-old brings BB gun to school

I have a son in this school in the same grade and I persoanly want to thank the school officials and others who helped to ensure this did not become a bad situation. They also did an amazing job on Tuesday when the fire alrams went off keeping the kids calm and entertained for the almost 2 hours they had to be evacuated.

To all of you who call this overreacting I say shame on you. The school policy is very clear and this child broke it. The parents and the child must be held accountable for his actions. I am very thankful no one was hurt and hope this young man gets some help (or instruction if he truely didn't have bad intent).

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Road work north of river causing traffic delays

I have decided to go to work through Bonner or DeSoto until 24 is done - the traffic this evening was crazy trying to get home to Tongie. At the very least they could open LV Couny 1 back up so we could go that way through Eudora - I understand the bridge is done, they are just finishing the turnpike ramps... Very poor planning by all involved. :-(

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Critics of placing NBAF in Kansas cite tornado danger

Do those idiots not see how close they are to the coast - all we have in KS to worry about is tornados...they also have to worry about hurricanes. Did they miss what happened to EVERYTHING in New Orleans?

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State ponders charging mileage fees

All this talk of just checking the odometer each year sounds great - mine hasn't worked for ages...does that mean I'm exempt from the tax?

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Two people killed in fiery K-10 car crash

Just FYI - The sound several people have reported hearing was most likely the tires popping. It almost sounds like gun fire.

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One person killed, two people injured in serious K10 accident

I don't generally post comments but have been sitting here reading all these comments attacking someone who took time to help another person and am pretty annoyed by people's obvious lack of understanding. I say shame on all of you. Unless you are now or have ever been an emergency responder you can't possibly understand the need to decompress after seeing such tragedy caused by such stupidity (and nice, loving or not what that young man did can only be classified as such). My husband is a firefighter and has seen terrible accidents over and over again - he is pretty use to this stuff as well - but he still needs to come home every time and talk about what happened (children with broken backs who weren't in car seats just seatbelts, beheaded motorcyclist who were driving recklessly, trapped people burning up in cars because they could not get there in time - the list goes on). If you think you could witness stuff like that and what was seen in this accident without needing to talk about it then you are the most insensitive heartless person on the planet. Thank you to every single person who stops and gives comfort to others until emergency personel can arrive.

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U.S. Highway 24-40 reopens after accident

Just FYI to all - my husband is a firefighter on the scene and just called to say it be a while before they get done but the driver is expected to be fine.

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