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Tonganoxie district extends Weseman's contract

Is there something you know Grandma that the rest of us don't? I have a child at THS and have no issues w/ the principal. I think it's a little presumptious if your comment is based on last week's incident. Seems I remember the parent who barged into the school was the one arrested, not the principal...the parent was the one w/ the gun...the parent was the one w/ outstanding warrents. One overzelous parent with no public proof that any bullying has occured does not equal a bad principal. (and just as a side note the incident people like to quote w/ the lawsuite - completely different administration now from the top down).

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Man arrested after allegedly threatening Tonganoxie High School principal

Have to say first that NO CHILD should ever have to face bullying, never improves the situation when parents act this way. There are appropriate ways to address a school bullying issue and it certainly is not by becoming a bully yourself. I have know Mr. Carlisle since he came ot the district - I have always felt he was a fair person who truely cares about every single student in his building. The school resource officer is also a caring and responsive person. I hope that every step is being taken to stop the bullying if it is occuring but also worry that in this overly PC, self-entitled world sometimes "bullying" is thrown around when what it really is "I didn't get my way so I'm going to say you're being mean and bullying me". Whichever the case I hope it can be setteled like ADULTS with no more of this stupidity.

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Kansas Supreme Court suspends Lawrence attorney's law license

I have known Shelley for several years both professionally and personally - he was a great advocate for kids, spending time on the CINC panel (which is a terrible gig) and devoting so much of his time to youth soccer. He was a fair and informed soccer referree, and before his more recent struggles he was a caring and attentive attorney. I hope that everything he has been through passes quickly and he finds the place he needs to be now. Thanks Shelley for everything you have done!

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Lawrence woman enters no-contest plea in child endangerment case

The awesome thing is that those wonderful couples could adopt a child from foster care for free - and even receive subsidy payments to help support the child. They just have to get past the "I want a perfect baby" mind set - there is no promise of perfect babies when you are the biologocal parent either....not excusing the "bad" parents, just saying there are plenty of kiddos right here in the greater KC area looking for loving parents. :-)

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Tonganoxie High School student killed in rollover accident Thursday afternoon on U.S. Highway 24-40 in Basehor

was a friend of my daughters also seeingred - so sad for this family to loose someone so wonderful and so young...please everyone keep them in your thoughts.

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KNEA endorses Holland for governor

It will be a shame if Brownback is elected - he is really a certifiable nut job in my opinion. If the conservatives wanted to improve their image as the party of reason he was the wrong choice. Only thing worse would have been Kline.

Holland has my vote as he has shown he can work with both sides, not screw kids out of their government rights (a free and appropriate public education) and doesn't seem like someone should be conducting an eval at Osawattami on him. :-)

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Novelty cigarette lighters targeted by bill

Here are some resources:

and a couple of quotes - even lighter producers think they are not needed.

Still, a lighter shaped like a tiny motorcycle was blamed for the death of two children last year in Arkansas. And an Oregon woman was burned when her young child ignited bedding with a lighter that featured a Santa face perched atop a Christmas tree, according to Okulitch's office.

In January, Laura Fowler, of Gladwin, Mich., wanted to give her 4-year-old daughter a treat for cleaning her room. She accidentally bought her a novelty lighter, thinking it was a toy Dalmatian dog.

The girl was playing with the dog when Fowler saw a flash and realized it was a lighter. The girl wasn't injured, but Fowler said it scared them both.

"Now when she sees it, she says 'Owie mom, owie,'" Fowler said.

Dean and other fire officials praised an announcement this week by the Lighter Association, a national trade group, which said its members now support laws to ban the lighters.

"We see no justification for a novelty lighter," said David H. Baker, the organization's general counsel. However, he said his members would like to review some of the proposed measures to make sure they won't affect other kinds of lighters marketed to adults.

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Novelty cigarette lighters targeted by bill

Have any of you posters even looked at some of these lighters? or done any research on the dangers they present? The legislature did not come up with this bill on it's own - it was highly advocated for by many state wide groups including the Kansas PTA, Safe Kids Kansas, and multiple fire departments. There are bills at the National level that were introduces last year as well. I am quite sure you can get your cancer stick to light even if the lighter doesn't look like a Hot Wheel...

and on the subject of parental responsability HA! If all parents were responsible there wouldn't be a need for Child Services. Maybe we should just say "oh sorry you have 3rd degree burns and might die little boy but your parents really should have put that doggie lighter away so you couldn't confuse it with your toy dalmation".

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Is this Child Abuse or Discipline?

I do not believe in spanking children - I feel it is teaching them to be bullies and that when we don't get what we want the best way to respond is hitting. My husband does spank (when I am not around to prevent it). Our children are respectful and responsive to me. They are angry and aloof towards their father. I would rather have my children respect me and my opinions (just as I do them and theirs) then be afraid of me. It seems to me most spanking occur because the parent is angry that they can't control the child and not because of the event itself. I mean really - does it matter in the world that some oranges fell on the floor. Pick them up - the world would be a much nicer place. :-)

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Tonganoxie couple taking retirement as an opportunity to move somewhere warmer: Kenya

It would be easy to disparage marion for his narrow minded thought process but instead I will focus on the positive. The Korbs are amazing people who taught one of my children and both siblings (we moved to Tonganoxie after I was past the grade level they taught at). They are kind, hardworking, wonderful people who spent decades in service to American children. I am happy for them that they have this opportunity for a new adventure while still helping children grow. In today's global society every child helped (no matter where they live Marion) benefits us. I am not a religious person but may their God bless them and keep them safe.

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