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Brownback's former budget director, Anderson, will work on state fiscal policy with KPI

KPI and AFP are NOT friends of public education - they have shown that time and time again through their actions. At least be honest Mr. Trabert.

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Studies show single parents also produce academically successful children

The problem I have with this kind of "research" is there are just so many variables. I was a single mother for 6 years, worked full time and we lived a comfortable life without assistance. My child was very bright (in the gifted program and excellent grades). Then I got remarried. While the emotional part of the relationship was great and my husband was well educated, he was not overly employable, so when we married I actually lifted him out of poverty. However as the years have passed we slip closer and closer to being in poverty as a family because he is an extra expense I have to support instead of being a contributor. These kind of studies rarely give enough value to the hard work of many women and over-value the input of many men. :(

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Kansas schools face monumental changes in coming year

Merrill - I disagree with KRichard, thank you for posting! This is wonderful information and most people would not bother opening a link.

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Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos visits KU

I was driving home as the plane took off yesterday - pulled off the road and got a couple of great shots. It was a beast out there at that small ariport! You could see the tail fin sticking up over the top of the terminal building. Usually a G5 is the biggest that comes in there - landing and taking off a 737 was quite a deal. :-)

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Father apprehended at Walmart on suspicion of child abuse ordered to take blood test, seeks to represent himself in court

that is just an asinine comment - the PTA is a hard working group that educates parents on how to be active in their children's education and fights for appropriate funding for public education...

Also - perhaps you missed the part where he was from Chicago...not Lawrence.

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Tonganoxie advances to soccer state semis

Congrats THS Soccer and Coach Justin Seever - good luck in Rose Hill this weekend!

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Gaslight Village community forced to find new homes

are you implying that low income families are all vandals and criminals, because it sure sounds that way - dumbest statement I've seen made in days (excluding posts to the tax debate stories). Lord knows those sweet little college kids would never tear anything up or steal anything...

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Police respond to post-game disturbances

I remember reading a couple of days ago all the stories about what good winners KU fans were - never rushing the court, being respectful downtown, not causing trouble...guess the same can't be said about being good losers. I have lived in this area for years and this kind of news makes me sad.

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StopGap aids transition from foster care to adulthood

Alceste - you are a presumtious little angry peson aren't you? :-) We started fostering because my husband was adopted out of the fostercare system and we wanted to help someone else like he was helped. We are agnostic and all payments we received were put into a savings account for the children when they left our home. Soooooo....any more false acusations about why we chose to foster or does that clear it up for you?

While I personally can not speak to anyone's level of pay I do agree it is safe to bet Mr Simms could take a pay cut without much skin off his nose, but any agency state or private will suffer the same top heaviness. Of all the agencies I've worked with in the state KVC has by far been the best to work with as far on the hands on staff (case managers, family support workes, etc). As for CASA - in my experience some are wonderful advocates and some are just pains in the a**.

I wonder Alcest what your personal beef with CASA is - this is not the first time I've read your rants against them. Were you a foster child? Did you have a child in care? Did you apply to be an advocate and were rejected? I prefer to not make wild assumtions...

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StopGap aids transition from foster care to adulthood

I think it is very easy to blame "the system" but we also have to look at other factors. I have been a foster parent and I know KVC specifically use to have an independant living program that helped children transition to adulthood. That program was all but eliminated when the governement cut the contract to the bare bones several years ago. Case Managers who truely do care about their clients are trying to do more and more with less and less (this is the Kansas way these days isn't? Schools don't need money, social service agencies don't need money...all that matters is that I don't have to pay taxes so I can buy my $5 cup of coffee from Starbucks). Beyond lack of funds you also have to look at the children who come into foster care themselves, especially as teens. To be frank young women like Ms. Jacobs are the exception. Many teens who enter foster care as teens do so beause of their own issues and not ones related to their families. This article really doesn't touch on the sometimes extreme mental health issues these children have - antisocial personalities, boarderlin personalities, oppositional deffiance, drug addiction. No matter how much support they get in foster care or from their bio families, some of this kids are just destine for legal and life struggles. I think the writter of this article has the cause and effect backwards - fostercare does not cause the problems, kids with these problems are just more likely to end up in fostercare. I do applaud this StopGap program and wish it all the success and luck in the world. Maybe they can make a difference.

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