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Tonganoxie man killed in motorcycle accident

This intersection is extremely busy and dangerous, especially when making the left from Ridge to head West on 24/40. We drove by around 2pm and the investigation was still under way. It was evident from the quick glance as we drove by that there was a tragic end to this story.

Prayers to the family of Mr. Smith.

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Tonganoxie woman killed in accident on 24/40 just south of town

This stretch of 24/40, from the curve at the Cty Rd 1 junction to that straight stretch south of it, for some reason has had it's fair share of accidents in the last few years and a few have ended with the loss of a life.

Thoughts & prayers to the Stimach family.

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Childhood friends plan ultimate road trip: Europe to Mongolia in a tiny, tiny car


I hope there's an updated story upon their return - this is the adventure of a lifetime for sure!


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Student dies in his sleep worries. These young people and the community are raising money for these families and it will make a tangible difference in their lives and of those effected by such tragedy. They have wasted no time in the past few weeks and are already putting in the effort to make a difference when and how they can. I'm excited to see the long term effects and goals of these efforts (again, this has happened so suddenly and has been a shock to everyone).

The spirit of these young people...those who are fighting and the one who passed so suddenly have made a difference in the lives of so many...

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Student dies in his sleep

Prayers are with the Elliott family and all of Jeremy's friends. These young people have experienced the unimaginable in recent weeks with Connor, Austin & now Jeremy.

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Teenager injured at dental office

Unimaginable tragedy for this family.

Our thoughts & prayers are with the family of Austin during this difficult journey.

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Tonganoxie sixth-grader detained after explosive device confiscated at school

Stimulus_Man.........excellent validation for what I said previously.P.S. Bon Bons & Oprah - that's funny stuff, but unfortuantely don't apply here.

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Tonganoxie sixth-grader detained after explosive device confiscated at school

Vertigo - you excel at the sarcasm, but you've got it a TAD misdirected as I am not on the 'he's a terrorist' bandwagon nor did I ever say that.

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Tonganoxie sixth-grader detained after explosive device confiscated at school

Stimulus_Man...maybe you have anger management issues...or wait...maybe bullying issues (sense the slight edge of sarcasm in that) with your 'shut up or move' comment. Waaa, I'm scared. Not hardly.Appreciate your wide angle twisting of comments into something you can further rant on about. I never said anything about being traumatized so your reading comprehension leaves a little something to be desired.NEWSFLASH - Everyone is entitled to their opinion and doesn't have to agree with yours. Apparently, you're in the arena you're always right and no one else can have an opinion or it's 'stupid'. Kick the sand all you want, I'm not the only parent concerned about the way things are handled up at TMS under that administration. I'm NOT saying we don't have good administrators in our district because we do, so don't skew the comment. Appreciate the sarcasm about the domestic terrorist comment because I NEVER ONCE implied that is what it was. Saw a sign once that said something along the lines of "National Sarcasm Society - like we need your opinion anyway". Seems to fit, don't you think?

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Tonganoxie sixth-grader detained after explosive device confiscated at school

Come on - he most certainly had the knowledge of the power behind a M80, especially if they were readily available at his home. Surely he's seen them explode before...possibly even placed inside something before being's all the fun around the 4th of July (or midnight New Year's Eve). He's also old enough to figure out what NOT to say at the police station with his parents and police standing over him.Regardless of his 'intent', one flick of a lighter and this would have been an entirely different story. People need to wake up that an 11/12 year old today is NOT the same as an 11/12 year old 15-20 years ago. We live in a different society. They have different experiences, access to the internet and in reality...many have a lot less parental supervision/control or concern. He built an explosive device...and according the LvCo bomb effective one. Notice the bomb unit didn't think it was such a 'minor' explosive. Tonganoxie needs to make an example (for once) of this sitaution. The administration passes things off in the district as a 'minor' incident and as just 'bad judgement'. Granted, he probably didn't even have a lighter with him...maybe that's why it's a 'minor' incident??? However, he'll probably end up with a little suspension and then be back in school in no time. Next thing you know they'll be spending more class time defining what NOT to bring to school because apparently the handbook doesn't clearly define any homemade explosive devices.

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