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Home sales and home prices both continue to rise in Lawrence

Well, this is anecdotal - primarily because I don't really know how to look up the stats. But over in west Lawrence, houses are selling like hot cakes. They're on the market for less than a week.

A couple of months ago, I started looking at listings for the homes and I thought they were crazy - way above county appraisal, way more than I thought they'd sell for. I figured they'd rot on the market. Instead they sell immediately.

The increase has been staggering - from $90-100/sq ft to $120-$140/sq ft - within the span of a year.

I understand that maybe in some neighborhoods, homes are selling for below county, but in the $300,000-$500,000 range, they are selling fast and high. And that range will pull up your average.

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Idea for Rock Chalk Village springs up for property near Rock Chalk Park

Have you ever actually been to the neighborhoods in West Lawrence?

There are always people out and about, walking, jogging and riding bikes.

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Opinion: McBudget is insult to working poor

Ah, the old myth of the highly educated but chronically unemployed. Anyone with a degree (any degree, even a Masters in Fine Arts) could get a position at McDonalds and probably rack up a promotion each year. There are many opportunities for advancement in a corporation like McDonalds for people with degrees.

But hey, you work with SEVERAL (more than three!) people with Masters degrees who have to work as checkers (and you forgot to mention it - but I assume you meant to say no hope for advancement). Well, guess what - I worked as a checker at a grocery store in high school along with SEVERAL other high school students and one of them stayed there instead of going to college and she became a manager.

So there's hope for all your fellow employees with Masters degrees.

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Opinion: Entitlement mentality doomed Detroit

I'm pretty sure that guy didn't manage to bankrupt the city in the three months that he had the job. He just filed the paperwork after he was unable to convince creditors to cut the debt.

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Opinion: McBudget is insult to working poor

And? What's your point? That it sucks to work 60 hours a week?

Ok. Agreed.


Again, it's not up to McDonalds to give people a good life. Working hourly at McDonalds is not a good job. The reason that it's not a good job is that anyone can do it. 16 year old kids getting their first job go one of two places: fast food or grocery store. It requires no education, no skills. There's a reason people caution their kids, "If you don't apply yourself at school, you'll end up flipping burgers!"

Again, it's not that the McBudget is unreasonable - expecting McDonalds to give you a good life is what's unreasonable. If a 16 year old kid can do your job, then it's not reasonable to expect it to pay well.

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Opinion: McBudget is insult to working poor

Well, personally, I could live off $2000 take home a month if I were single or if I were provided with free or low-cost childcare (one child). But $20 a month of health insurance is laughable. It's like they left a 0 off that and missed the typo. Still, there is room left in the budget for a realistic health insurance premium, food, water, clothing, etc.

Yes, it would be difficult to raise a family on $2000 a month take home. That said, a family of four on that income would qualify for assistance in Kansas.

But it's not that the Mcbudget is unreasonable - it's that it's unreasonable to expect to raise a family on $2000 per month.

It's unreasonable to expect that McDonalds is going to pay you enough to cover anything beyond the bare necessities. In a sense, it is a living wage - you can survive on that wage.

A lifelong career at McDonalds, making $8.25 an hour is no one's dream. Nor should it be. It's not McDonalds' job to give people a good life.

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Local beekeepers avoid widespread losses

One of the theories attached to colony collapse is that some pesticides interfere with the bee's ability to return to the hive, thus explaining the empty hive. But it's just one theory.

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City approves budget with slight property tax increase, great hopes of improving economy in 2014

Couldn't afford that extra $30,000 for the Humane Society because the Library needed $140,000 to "help it expand." 18M just wasn't enough help.

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Summer road construction a necessary evil for Lawrence drivers and businesses

I feel bad for the people who are running businesses in that area with the Scone Lady and University Liquor.

I stopped into one of the shops yesterday and I wasn't sure any of them were still open because there was only one vehicle in the entire parking lot.

They should have their employees park their cars in front of their stores so that people don't drive by and think the whole place just closed up due to construction.

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Families of incoming KU freshmen say tuition increase is 'just part of life'

I don't want to imply that directing your kid toward a professional program is the wrong decision, but it does come with additional costs.

School of Business: $120/credit hour.
School of Pharmacy: $174/credit hour (for 2012 - hasn't been updated for the upcoming year)
School of Law: $247/credit hour.
And about $50/hour for Engineering, Architecture, and any hour taken at Edwards.

Clearly, when people are looking at the total cost of a degree, they may wish to consider sending their children to JOCO for as many of their general education requirements as will transfer.

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