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Uplifting tradition: 4-H'ers soak up sights, sounds of Kansas State Fair

Again...thank you Alceste for being such an outstanding grownup and the pride of Lawrence. I'm sure that your name is on many donation lists for the youth of Douglas County. Do you know what it costs these families to have to feed you on a daily basis? And have you seen these families...they really flaunt their vacation homes and fancy cars. Way to smear your stupidity on agricultural. Sorry that you are so angry at life - maybe you could take a drive in the country to clear your mind...on the other hand.

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Uplifting tradition: 4-H'ers soak up sights, sounds of Kansas State Fair

Wow Alceste, thanks for a feel good picture of some local kids and putting your downer opinion in here! As with ALL government money some get more than others. These kids worked hard to get where they are at, the article doesn't state it, but they have been showing against each other since April and will continue to a show next week. This is what 4H is from all ages and different schools that WORK HARD but still PLAY HARD. Show some sort of respect for KIDS that are learning and working. Those top that you put in here are not from Douglas county...and if YOU think farmers are making BIG BUCKS for the work they do...I'm sure there are a lot of area farmers that would love to challenge you to see what you can do. Again...pull your adult panties on and maybe say congrats to these five kids!

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Family life in the Lawrence Community Shelter

Seriously...THESE ARE CHILDREN! What ever is happening to their parents, they are NOT to be blamed and how devestating it is for them to be in this situation and NOT be able to change it for themselves. Take the $80.00 a month tha you are paying for internet/cell and cable and donate an hour of time to the school or donate supplies/kids clothes to help these kids. YOU are what make Lawrence a LOSER of a town! These kids are suffering more than we will ever know! And if your child goes to school with one of these students...PLEASE talk to them about those that don't have everything they want, are not stupid, dumb or bad. You don't have to be their friends, just be nice and considerate!

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Jefferson County residents voice opinions on proposal for strip club

If you want to pay for high priced beer and to look at women I have no problems with a strip club. But I've seen one too many drunk men pull into and out of the Paradise. I'd prefer not to read a headline about a crash with a high school student and a drunk man. And yes there are cars there in the early afternoon and for those lucky ones, left overs from the night before. With the construction on 24/40 in front of the paradise, most of the orange cones are taken out in front. Disrespect for others safety or too drunk to notice pulling across the road? Good luck to you Zach...I just hope it's not by a school. I hope you are a better man than that.

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Woman tells of ordeal at preliminary hearing

If only it was that easy. But the law allows drugs and child abuse and child endangerment as less punishment than shooting someone. We do have the right to bare arms don't we? Crazy thing... I would love to help these kids, but my tax money will go to the parents that don't have enough sense to get out of the rain.

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Woman tells of ordeal at preliminary hearing

Who cares about these people!...I'm outraged that these people have children!!!! Is our society so bad that we ignore the fact that two children were in this apartment and their mothers act like this.

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Park could affect airport grants

Really, all of the new homes being built have basements and above the $150,000 mark in north lawrence??? I am in North Lawrence, so I do know. There are some houses that are improvements to the city, but really. Is the square footage, schools and conveniences that most average americans want in north lawrence??? We can't keep a grocery store or even have one of the top grade schools in Lawrence.

Don't be offended, look at the real issue can we handle more industry???

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Park could affect airport grants

The Lawrence airport has been nothing but a great asset to Lawrence. The green space, ie farmland around the airport is a plus for the area, what we need to be concerned about is the buildings around lawrence that are not filled and adding more retail, industry that we can't fulfill to the area. Really, we can't keep North Lawrence going why add to it????

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Park could affect airport grants

Lets add to the already abandoned buildings and low income housing. What a joke. Senator, with his own agenda to sell off so that his kids can build multimillion homes elsewhere. This senator doesn't even live in Douglas county anymore. Is his best intrest in the city, or sell beause they have already ruined the topsoil for their main income. Have you drove north lawrence after a rain? Major runoff and roads half blocked. Let's fix what we already have and fill the empty buildings that are standing. Isn't this a green community????

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Bridge impasse likely at an end

I don't have kids to worry about, so worry about others that are letting their children drive. Get yer done? Perry Lecompton is looking to educate, continue to grow. Where are you going to go when Lawrence runs you out of funds for more taxes, school fees, and yes I will say it, crime. Crossing a bridge looks more inviting every day.

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