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Roberts, Moran vote against expanded background checks in gun sales

After yesterday's vote, just sent a check to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

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Rio Adams a goner; Ben McLemore decides today

Good luck Ben. Nice to have you for a year. I'd do the same thing in your shoes. Just know that three jerseys that will never hang from the rafters at Allen Fieldhouse are Selby, McLemore and Henry.

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House rejects exception from abortion restrictions for rape, incest, abuse victims

An appropriate move would be for all doctors to refuse to practice in the state of Kansas where Nanny State Republicans like Kinzer and Edwards can order them to pass along untrue information. Republicans: follow your own campaign promises and get out of our lives!

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Appropriations chairman alleges that head of Kansas Turnpike offered $25 million to kill merger proposal

Just like the magicians - it's all sleight of hand. But the suckers all applaud and re-elect them even as their own pockets have been picked.

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Senate Republican leaders say $10 million for KU medical building may be cut

Every day from now until November 2014, we need to call out the GOP for their Sales Tax Rate Increase and broken promises.

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Brownback budget director apologizes for numbers error

Hey Sam, just quote your buddy Rick Perry "Oops"

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KU Medical Center under the budget knife; committee removes $10 million for health education building

OK, KU Med should just close the Salina campus. How's that Senator Arpke!

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State to resume charging 65- to 74-year-olds for hunting, fishing licenses

Good call. While businesses may offer discounts to seniors to attract business, there is no reason for government to provide free non-essential services to seniors. If the Wildlife department has to pay for itself rather than through tax support, then everyone served by the department should have to pay. Just like the turnpike.

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Brownback urging prayer on Saturday during ReignDown USA event

it's not mentioned anywhere in the article but MacLennan Park is the grounds of the Kansas Governor's Mansion. I will be praying on Saturday (and Sunday) for the return of sanity in Kansas state government and the separation of church and state.

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Penn State fined $60M, wins vacated from '98-11

Joe Pa's "character" was just a charade

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